National Policy and Macrolevel Action Strategy on Biodiversity Released

Shri Vishwanth Anand, Secretary (Environment & Forests), released the National Policy and Macrolevel Action Strategy on Biodiversity on 06.01.2000 in a meeting held in the Ministry. Shri R.H.Khwaja, Joint Secretary, made a brief presentation explaining the process adopted and the salient features of the document.

For addressing the issues of conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, the Ministry has drawn up this policy document through a consultation process, with various stakeholders including Central sectoral Ministries/Departments, State Governments, experts, academicians, NGOs, industry etc.

Emphasizing the need for conservation, the policy sets out major goals and identifies thrust areas for action on conservation of biodiversity. The goals include:

Current efforts, gaps and action points have been identified for the following 11 subject areas:

Legal and policy framework; survey of biodiversity and national database; in-situ conservation; ex-situ conservation; sustainable utilization; indigenous knowledge systems; innovations, practices and benefit sharing; people’s participation; institutional framework and capacity building; education, training and extension; research and development activities; and international cooperation.

This framework document will provide the basis for developing detailed actions at micro and regional levels. An inter-ministerial supervisory committee consisting of Ministry of Agriculture, DBT, DOD, DSIR, etc., would oversee and monitor implementation of the action plan.