MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT AND FORESTS (Department of Environment, Forests and Wildlife) New Delhi, the 21st July, 1987 NOTIFICATION

S.O. 728(E).-- In exercise of the powers conferred by the clause (b) of sub-section (1) of section 12 an section 13 of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 (29 of 1986), the Central Government hereby recognises, (a) the laboratories specified in column (2) of the Table below as environmental laboratories to carry out the functions entrusted to the environmental laboratories under the said Act and the rules made thereunder, and (b) specifies the persons in column (3) of the Table to be the Government Analysts for the purposes of analysis of samples of air, water, soil or other substances sent for analysis by the Central Government or the officer empowered under section 11 of the Act.

Sl.   Name of the Laboratory    Name of the Analyst
(1)               (2)                    (3)
1.    Vimtal Labs,              1. Dr.S.P. Vasreddi, Director
      2-2-18/46                 2. Mr. U. Appa Rao
      Durgabai Deshmukh Colony,    Assistant Director
      Bagh Amberpet,            3. Mr. G. Venu Gopala Krishna,
      Hyderabad-500 013.           Chemist

2.    Regional Laboratory       1. Dr. B.G. Soni, Scientific
      of Gujarat Pollution         Officer
      Control Board,            2. Mr. G.K. Trivedi, Scientific
      Race Course Road,            Officer
      ERI Circle, Baroda,       3. Mr. M.V. Soni, Senior
      390 007                      Scientific Assistant

                                4. Mr. J.B. Brahmbhatt, Senior
                                   Scientific Asstt.

                                5. Smt. Dipti S. Salat, Senior
                                   Scientific Asstt.

                                6. Mr. R.B. Upadhyay, Junior
                                   Scientific Asstt.

3.    Public Health Engineering 1. Mr. Prabhakar Omkar Chaudhari,
      Laboratory,                  Chemist
      Baroda Municipal          2. Mr. G.J. Sivani, Assistant
      Corporation,                 Chemist
      Khanderao Market,         3. Mr. Vinibhai D. Patel,
      Place Road, Baroda-1         Assistant Chemist

4.    Himachal Pradesh State    1. Mr. Pawan Jit Singh Dadhwal,
      Board for the Prevention     Assistant Environmental
      and Control of Water         Engineer
      Pollution Laboratory,
      HIG-67, Sector IV,
      Parwanoo-173 220
      Himachal Pradesh

5.    Essen and Company          1. Dr. J. Rajaram, Director
      Laboratory,                2. Mr. K.S. Sundarakrishnan,
      No.550,                       Chemist
      Eighth Main Road,          3. Mr. S. Chalres Marsland,
      Malleswarain West,            Chemist
      Bangalore-560 055

6.    Research and Development   1. Dr. A.P. Rao, Dy. General
      Centre Laboratory             Manager (R&D)
      The Fertilisers and        2. Mr. K.C. Geeverghese, R&D
      Chemical Travancore           Officer
      Limited (FACT Ltd.),       3. Mr. K.R.R. Nair, R & D
      Udyogamandal,                 Officer
      Via Cochin - 683 501         4. Mr. K.V. Jose, Research
                                 5. Mrs. P.L. Elsie, Research
                                 6. Mr. A. Ayyappaswamy, Jr.
                                    Research Officer
                                 7. Mr. G. Gopakumar, Jr.
                                    Research Officer
                                 8. Mr. B. Salim, Research
                                 9. Mr. K.S. Ramachandran,
                                    Research Chemist

7.   Central Laboratory,         1. Dr.K. Balachandran,
     Kerala State Pollution         Environmental Scientist
     Control Board,              2. Mr. R. Raveendran Pillai,
     S.R.M. Road, Cochin-682 018    Assistant Environmental
                                 3. Ms. M Sudha Devi, Assistant
                                 4. Mr. V. Ramachandran,
                                    Assistant Scientist
                                 5. Mr. V.K. Rajeevan, Assistant
                                 6. Mr. M.P. Chandrasekharan,
                                    Asstt. Scientist
                                 7. Ms. B. Saraswathy Amma,
                                    Assistant Environmental
                                 8. Mr. K.S. Vijayakumar,
                                    Assistant Environmental
                                 9. Ms. P.K. Geethakumary,
                                    Assistant Environmental

8.   Cochin Refineries Pollution 1. Mr. A. Rebello,
     Control Laboratory,            Senior Manager (Quality
     Cochin Refineries Limited,     Control)
     Post Bag 2,                 2. Mr. K.V. Satya Das,
     Amabalamugal - 682 302         Manager (Quality Control)
     (Kerala)                    3. Mr. C.I. Roy, Manager
                                    (Quality Control)
                                 4. Mr. C.S. Bhaskara, Manager
                                 5. Mr. K.P. Subramanian, Senior
                                    Quality Control Officer
                                 6. Mr. V.H. Muhammed, Senior
                                    Quality Control Officer
                                 7. Mr. K.P. Jacob, Junior
                                    Officer (Quality Control)
                                 8. Mr. T.P. Antony, Quality
                                    Control Officer
                                 9. Mr. V. Paily, Quality Control
                                10. Mr. M.L. Rajan Potty, Junior
                                    Quality Control Officer

9.   Environmental Engineering   1. Dr. Bollapragada Subba Rao,
     Laboratory,                    Professor & Head of the Civil
     Walchand College of            Engineering Department
     Engineering,                2. Dr. Suresh Vishnu Ranade,
     Wishrambag, Sangli-416415      Assistant Professor,
     (Maharashtra)               3. Prof. Jayant Mahadeo Gadgil,
                                 4. Mr. Ganesh Gopal Watve,
                                    Senior Laboratory Assistant

10.  Environmental Engineering   1. Mr. R.A. Altekar, Research
     Research Division              Officer
     Laboratory,                 2. Mr. S.G. Kokani, Scientific
     Maharashtra Engineering        Officer
     Research Institute          3. Mr. S.S. Jadhav, Senior
     Dinodori Road,                 Scientific Assistant
     Nasik-422 004               4. Mr. S.G. Deshmukh, Senior
                                    Scientific Assistant
                                 5. Mr. R.D. Mahajan, Junior
                                    Scientific Asstt.
                                 6. Mr. S.D. Pagar, Junior
                                    Scientific Assistant
                                 7. Mr. S.T. Kulkarni, Research
                                 8. Mr. C.M. Tribhuwan, Research
                                 9. Sau. C.A. Varade, Research

11.  Soil Science & Agricultural 1. Dr. V.N. Deshmukh
     Chemistry Laboratory,
     Department of Agricultural
     Chemistry, P.K.V.
     Akola-444 001

12.  Laboratory of Environmental 1. Dr. R.P. Mathur, Professor
     Engineering Section, Civil  2. Mr. C.L. Toshniwal, Professor
     Engineering Department      3. Dr. Arvind Kumar, Reader
     University of Roorkee,      4. Dr. Indu Mehrotra, Reader
     Roorkee                     5. Mr. Pradeep Kumar, Lecturer
                                 6. Mr. U.B. Chitranshi, Lecturer

13.  Trace Metal Environmental   1. Dr. R. Nath, Professor and
     Laboratory,                    Head
     Department of Bio-Chemistry,2. Dr. Vipin Kumar Paliwal,
     Post Graduate Institute of     Research Associate
     Medical Education,          3. Dr. (Mrs.) Kiran Dip gill,
     Research                       Lecturer

14.  Environmental Laboratory,    1. Dr. V.D. Patil, Principal
     Modern College,              2. Prof. H.V. Jadhav, head,
     Vashi, New Bombay               Chemistry Deptt.
     Pin-400 705                  3. Prof. P.B. Patil, Lecturer
                                  4. Prof. (Mrs.) Jyoti Arundhati
                                     Nand Kishore,
                                     Head, Microbiology
                                  5. Prof. H.U. Mulla, Lecturer
                                  6. Prof. N.B.Kadampatil,
                                  7. Prof. Gune Prabhakar
                                     Rathakar, Lecturer
                                  8. Prof. Jogdand Shreepad
                                     Neelkhanth, Lecturer
                                  9. Miss J.Y. Mulla, Lecturer

15.  Central Laboratory,          1. Dr. K.B. Deshpande, Senior
     Maharashtra Pollution           Scientific Officer
     Control Board,               2. Mr. K.L. Mali, Junior
     Army & Navy Building, Ground    Scientific Officer
     Floor, 148, M.G. Road, Fort,
     Bombay-400 023

16.  Gujarat Fisheries Aquatic    1. Prof. Niranjan D. Chhaya,
     Science Research Institute,     Deputy Commissioner of
     Okha, Pin-361350                Fisheries
                                  2. Mr. M. Bhaskaran, Research
                                  3. Mr. Y.B. Raval, Assistant
                                     Research Officer
                                  4. Mr. K.N. Prasad, Senior
                                     Research Officer
                                  5. Mr. D.J. Vadher, Senior
                                     Research Officer
                                  6. Mr. V.R. Khadse, Senior
                                     Research Officer
                                  7. Mr. D.V. Nandasana, Senior
                                     Research Officer

17.  Central Food Laboratory, 3,  1. Dr. S. Vanchinathan,
     Kyd Street,                     Microbiologist
     Calcutta-700 016             2. Smt. Gyatri Biswas, Senior
                                  3. Mr. Asit Ranjan Sen,
                                     Technical Officer
                                  4. Mr. Kali Prasad Banerjee,
                                     Junior Analyst
                                  5. Mr. Jyoti Kumar Sarkar,
                                     Junior Analyst
                                  6. Mr. Shyama Kanta halder,
                                     Junior Analyst
                                  7. Dr. Ajit Kumar Roy, Senior
                                     Technical Assistant
                                  8. Mr. Hem Nath Das, Senior
                                     Technical Assistant
                                  9. Km. Namita Ghosh, Senior
                                     Technical Assistant
                                 10. Dr. Jagatbandhu Chakraborty,
                                     Technical Assistant
                                 11. Mr. Kiran Shankar Biswas,
                                     Technical Assistant
                                 12. Mrs. Maya Mitra, Technical
                                 13. Mr. Utpal Chandra Sarkar,
                                     Technical Assistant
                                 14. Mr. Swapan Kumar
                                     Senior Laboratory Assistant
                                 15. Mr. Rajat Roy, Senior
                                     Laboratory Assistant
                                 16. Mr. Sankar Prasad Chandra,
                                     Laboratory Assistant
                                 17. Mr. Paritosh Naskar,
                                     Laboratory Assistant
                                 18. Mr. Chittaranjan Haldar,
                                     Laboratory Assistant
                                 19. Mr. Subrata Kumar Sarkar,
                                     Laboratory Assistant
                                 20. Mr. Sibir Kumar Basu Roy
                                     Chaudhury, Field Assistant

118.  State Forests Research       1. Dr. Gulam Mohammed,
     Institute, Madhya Pradesh       Technical Assistant
     Forest Department,           2. Mr. Parvej Jalil, Research
     Polipather, Jabalpur-482 008    Associate
                                  3. Mr. H.D. Kulkarni, Forest

19.  Department of Microbiology,  1. Dr. Vinay B. Rale, Analyst
     University of Poona,         2. Dr. M.V. Panse, Analyst
     Ganesh Khind,                3. Dr. B.P. Kapadnis, Analyst
     Pune-411007                  4. Dr. V.A. Chopade, Analyst
                                  5. Miss. M.R. Chinchore,

20.  Pollution Control Research   1. Prof. S.P. Mahajan, Head
     Institute, BHEL, Ranipur,    2. Mr. Parveen Kumar Singh,
     Hardwar-24903                   Engineer
                                  3. Mr. Anil Jain, Engineer
                                  4. Mr. Rajiv Maheshwari,
                                  5. Mr. G. Sambiah, Senior
                                  6. Mr. Avinish Kumar, Engineer
                                  7. Dr. N.G. Shrivastava, Junior
                                  8. Mr. A.K. Gupta, Manager
                                  9. Dr. (Mrs.) Neelam
                                     Srivastava, Junior Engineer

21.  Centre for Bio-Chemicals,    1. Dr. N.P. Tulsani, Scientist
     CSIR,                        2. Mr. S.K. Aggarwal, Technical
     V.P. Chest Institute            Officer
     University Campus,

22.  Control, Research &          1. Mr. R.U. Choudhary,
     Development Laboratory,         Assistant Superintendent
     Uranium Corporation of       2. Dr. Ramesh Chandra,
     India Ltd.                      Assistant Superintendent
     Jaduguda Lines,              3. Mr. Joydeb Ray,
     Singhbhum, Bihar-832102         Scientific Assistant
                                  4. Mr. A.K. Sarkar,
                                     Scientific Assistant
                                  5. Mr. D.P. Saha,
                                     Scientific Assistant
                                  6. Mr. A.P. Banerjee,
                                     Scientific Assistant
                                  7. Mr. Asit Baran Chakravorthy,
                                     Scientific Assistant
                                  8. Mr. S. Venkat Raman,
                                     Scientific Assistant
                                  9. Mr. Rajeshwar Prasad Singh,
                                     Scientific Assistant
                                 10. Mr. Mohammed Nadir Ali,
                                     Scientific Assistant
                                 11. Mr. N. Maitry, Scientific
                                 12. Mr. R.M. Karan,
                                     Scientific Assistant
                                 13. Mr. Aish Mohammed Ansari,
                                     Scientific Assistant
                                 14. Mr. Jagdish Sahay,
                                     Laboratory Assistant

23.  Division of Soil             1. Dr. C.C. Biddapa, Head
     Science & Plant Nutrition,      (Social Science)
     Division of Microbiology,    2. Dr. George V. Thomas,
     Central Plantation Corporation  Scientist
     Research Institute,
     (ICAR), Kasargod-671742

24.  Chemistry Laboratory         1. Dr. Mahendra Kumar,
     Irrigation and Power            Research Officer
     Research Institute
     Amritsar-143 001 (Punjab)

25.  Central Laboratory.          1. Dr. M.M. Singh,
     M.P. Pradushan Nivaran          Chief Chemist
     Mandal,                      2. Mr. Surendra Doriwal,
     Paryavaran Parishar,            Chemist
     E 5, Sector, Ravi Shakar     3. Mr. Neeraj K. Verma,
     Nagar,                          Chemist
     Bhopal, (M.P.)               4. Mr. R.S. Bhawasar,
                                     Junior Scientist

26.  Research & Development       1. Dr. R.M. Bhatnagar,
     Laboratory,                     Additional Superintendent
     Project & Development        2. Dr. V.S. Gupta,
     India Ltd., Sindri,             Additional Superintendent
     Dhanbad District             3. Mr. Y.K. Verma,
                                     Additional Superintendent
                                  4. Dr. A.D. Pandey,
                                     Additional Superintendent
                                  5. Mr. D.K. Sen,
                                     Additional Superintendent
                                  6. Mr. G.R. Bhatnagar,
                                     Deputy Superintendent
                                  7. Mr. K.K. Mallick,
                                     Deputy Superintendent
                                  8. Mr. C.D. Banerjee,
                                     Deputy Superintendent
                                  9. Dr. A.T. Balagopal,
                                     Deputy Superintendent
                                  10. Mr. M.K. Sen,
                                      Deputy Superintendent
                                  11. Dr. A. Chattopadhyay,
                                      Deputy Superintendent
                                  12. Mr. N. Raman,
                                      Assistant Superintendent
                                  13. Dr. V.K. Jindal,
                                      Assistant Superintendent

27.  Department of Biosciences     1. Prof. B.S. Vaidya,
     Laboratory,                      Head
     South Gujarat University,     2. Prof. P.K. Hira Dhar,
     Surat-395 007 (Gujarat)          Professor of Zoology
                                   3. Dr. Nagar A. Pankaj,
                                   4. Dr. P.V. Desai,
                                   5. Dr. Kewal Krishan, Lecturer
                                   6. Dr. Tank K. Shantilal,
                                      Senior Research Fellow
                                   7. Dr. M. Narasimha Reddy,

28.  Central Laboratory,           1. Dr. K. Narayanan,
     Tamil Nadu Pollution             Chief Scientific Officer
     Control Board,                2. Dr. V.N. Rayudu,
     25, Radhakrishnan Road,          Deputy Chief Scientific
     Madras-600 004                   Officer

29.  National Institute of         1. Dr. P.J. Parikh, Assistant
     Occupational Health Laboratory,  Director
     P.O. Civil Hospital,          2. Dr. S.K. Ghosh, Senior
     Meghani Nagar                    Research Officer
     Ahmedabad-380 016             3. Dr. C.B. Pandiya,
                                      Research Officer
                                   4. Mr. M.P. Shah,
                                      Research Officer
                                   5. Dr. T.S. Patel,
                                      Research Officer
                                   6. Dr. S.G. Ruparella,
                                      Research Officer
                                   7. Dr. N.B. Ghodasara,
                                      Research Officer
                                   8. Dr. Jitesh P. Jani,
                                      Research Officer
                                   9. Dr. (Miss) V.N. Gokani,
                                      Research Officer
                                   10. Mr. C.V. Raiyani,
                                       Research Officer

30.  Environmental Engineering      1. Professor P. Pratapa
     Laboratory,                       Mouli,
     Sri Venkateswara University    2. Dr. N. Venkata Subbayya,
     College of Engineering,           Lecturer
     Tirupati-517 502

31.  Orissa State Prevention and    1. Dr. S.S. Tripathy
     Control of Pollution Board     2. Shri B.N. Bhol
     Laboratory,                    3. Shri A. Behera
     No.A-118, Nilakanth Nagar,     4. Smt. S.P. Samantaray
     Unit III
     Bhubaneswar-651 012

232.  Environmental Engineering      1. Prof. I.C. Agarwal,
     Laboratory                        Professor
     Motilal Nehru Regional         2. Dr. S.C. Prasad, Reader
     Engineering College,           3. Mr. R.K. Arora, Reader
     Department of Civil
     Allahabad-211 004

33.  Assam Pollution Control        1. Mr. Kalyan Sankar
     Board Laboratory,                 Chakrabarty,
     Rajgarh Road,                     Deputy Analyst
     Guwahati-781 007               2. Mr. Amarendra Ballav Dev
                                       Chowdhury, Chemist
                                    3. Mr. Deepak Kumar Barua,
                                    4. Mr. Surajit Deb, Chemist
                                    5. Mr. Dilip Chakraborty,
                                    6. Mrs. Rumita Gogoi, Chemist
                                    7. Mr. Bhushan Krishna Misra,
                                       Assistant Chemist
                                    8. Mr. Rafiqua Ahmed,
                                       Assistant Chemist
                                    9. Mrs. Gayatri Devi,
                                       Assistant Chemist

34.  Environmental Biology Division,1. Dr. Jay S. Samant,
     Laboratory,                       Lecturer
     Department of Zoology          2. Mr. T.S. Lagali, Analyst
     Shivaji University,            3. Miss B.K. Desai, Analyst
     Vidyanagar, Kolhapur-416 004   4. Miss R.V. Shinde, Analyst

35. Hindustan Anti-Biotics Research 1. Dr. S.R. Naik, General
    Centre Laboratory,                 Manager, Research and
    Pimpri, Pune-411 018               Development
                                    2. Dr. R.K. Nanda, Deputy
                                       Research and Development
                                    3. Dr. P.W. Rahalkar,
                                       Assistant Manager,
                                       Research and Development

36.  Environmental Sciences         1. Prof. D. Sharma, Professor
     Laboratory,                    2. Dr. G.K. Chaturvedi,
     College of Basic Science and      Professor
     Humanities                     3. Dr. N. Singh, Professor
     GB Pant University of          4. Dr. S.M. Tandon,
     Agriculture & Technology,         Associate Professor
     Pantnagar-263 145              5. Dr. Uma Melkania,
     Nainital                          Associate Professor

37.  Gujarat Refine Laboratory,     1. Mr. M.C. Fernandes,
     Indian Oil Corporation,           Quality Control Manager,
     Gujrat Refinery,               2. Mr. A.K. Kathuria,
     PO Jawaharnagar,                  Senior Quality Control
     Distt. Baroda-391 320             Manager
                                    3. Mrs. S.S. Bhide,
                                       Senior Quality Control

38.  Industrial Hygiene Laboratory,  1. Dr. Pradeep R. Padwal,
     Inspector of Factories and         Medical Inspector of
     Boilders,                          Factories
     Government of Goa,              2. Mr. A.A. D'Souza,
     Altinho, Panaji (Goa)              Labour Inspector
                                     3. Mrs. Vtalda Pinto,
                                        Laboratory Technician
                                     4. Mr. Prakash Usagaonkar,
                                        Laboratory Assistant

39.  Environmental Survey            1. Mr. P.M. Markose,
     Laboratory,                        Scientific Officer
     Health Physics Unit,            2. Mr. K.P. Eappen,
     Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,     Scientific Officer
     PO Jaduguda Mines,
     Singhbhum-832 102 (Bihar)

40.  Environmental Survey Laboratory, 1.Dr. A.C. Paul,
     Health Physics Unit, Bhabha        Scientific Officer
     Atomic Research Centre,         2. Mr. P.M.B. Pillai,
     I.R.E.                             Scientific Officer
     Udogmandal-683501 (Kerala)      3. Mrs. S. Komalan Nair,
                                        Assistant Chemist

41.  Environmental Survey Laboratory,1. Dr. I.S. Bhatt,
     health Physics Division,           Scientific Officer
     Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,  2. Mr. S. Chandramouli,
     Tarapur Atomic Power Station       Scientific Officer
     Thane Distt-401 504             3. Mr. A.G. Hegde,
                                        Scientific Officer
                                     4. Mr. R. Subramania Iyer,
                                        Scientific Officer

42.  Environmental Survey Laboratory, 1. Mr. R. Gurg,
     Rajasthan Atomic Power Station,     Scientific Officer
     Rawatbhata,                     2. Mr. P.V. Vyas,
     (Via-Kota) 323305                  Scientific Officer
                                     3. Mr. K.G. Varughese,
                                        Scientific Officer
                                     4. Mr. T.A. Sebastian,
                                        Scientific Officer

43.  Environmental Survey Laboratory 1. Mr. N.N. Dey,
     Bhabha Atomic Research Centre      Scientific Officer
     Trombay,                        2. Mr. M.D. Borkar
     Bombay-400 035                     Scientific Officer
                                     3. Mr. S.R. Rao,
                                        Scientific Officer
                                     4. Dr. M.V.M. Desai,
                                        Scientific Officer
                                     5. Dr. N.G. Laghate,
                                        Scientific Officer
                                     6. Mrs. V.M. Matkar,
                                        Scientific Officer
                                     7. Mr. S.J. Raut, Scientific

44.  Environmental Engineering        1. Mr. N.N. Datta,
     Laboratory,                        Technical Officer
     Indian Institute of Technology,
     Kharagpur-721 302

45.  Environmental Survey Laboratory,1. Dr. M.A.R. Iyangar,
     Health Physics Division,           Officer-in-Charge
     BARC,                           2. Mr. M.P. Rajan,
     Kalpakkam-603 102                  Scientific Officer
     Chengleput District,            3. Dr. S. Ganapathy,
     Tamil Nadu                         Scientific Officer

46.  Laboratory of the Centre of     1. Prof. A. Mahadevan,
     Advanced Study in Botany,          Director
     University of Madras,           2. Dr. D. Lalitakumari,
     Guindy Campus,                     Professor
     Madras-600 025                  3. Dr. V.S. Raja Rao,

47.  Central Chemical Laboratory,    1. Mr. S.G. Vijayakar,
     Rashtriya Chemicals &              Deputy Chief Chemist
     Fertilizers Ltd.,               2. Mr. S.T. Dehade,
     Chembur,                           Deputy Chief Chemist
     Bombay-400 074                  3. Mr. M.S. Peduekar,
                                        Deputy Chief Chemist
                                     4. Mr. I.B. Ajmera, Deputy
                                        Chief Chemist
                                     5. Mr. R.J. Khona, Senior
                                     6. Mr. M.K. Save, Senior
                                     7. Mr. S.A. Patil, Senior
                                     8. Mr. Sudhakar Trimbak
                                        Wagh, Senior Chemist
                                     9. Mr. Ashok M. Dandawate,
                                        Senior Chemist
                                     10. Mr. R.Y. Pawar, Senior
                                     11. Mr. R.B. Patil, Senior
                                     12. Mr. S.K. Patil, Senior
                                     13. Mr. D.M. Shinde, Senior
                                     14. Mr. S.A. Abdullah,
                                     15. Mr. Ramesh Krishna
                                         Patil, Chemist

48.  M.P. Pradushan Niwaran Mandal    1. Dr. Arvind Amar Patil,
     Regional Office,                    Chemist
     35, T.I.T. Colony, (Adhartal)    2. Dr. B. Lal, Scientist
     Jabalpur-482 004

49.  M.P. Pradushan Niwaran Mandal    1. Mr. G.K. Jais, Scientist
     Regional Office,                 2. Mr. Shankar Prasad
     51/33, Link Road,                   Badholiya, Chemist
     Bilaspur (M.P.)

50.  M.P. Pradushan Niwaran Mandal    1. Mr. Dattaraya
     Regional Office,                    Gadewadikar,
     74, Subash Nagar, Ujjain            Junior Scientist
                                      2. Mr. P.D. Srivastava,
                                      3. Mr. Arvind Keshware,
                                      4. Dr. Suresh Kumar
                                         Surangi, Chemist

351.  Regional Research Laboratory     1. Dr. T. Prasada Rao,
     (Council of Scientific and          Scientist
     Industrial Research)
     Industrial Estate P.O.,
     Trivandrum-695 019

52.  Central Mining Research Station  1. Mr. P.K. Nair,
     Laboratory Station Laboratory,      Scientist
     (Council of Scientific and       2. Dr. A.K. Bose,
     Industrial Research)                Scientist
     barwa Road, Dhanbad-826 001      3. Mr. B.N. Dalal,
                                      4. Mr. N.N. Banerjee,
                                      5. Mr. M.S. Golay,
                                      6. Mr. J.P. Adhikari,
                                      7. Mr. Rabindranath
                                         Mukherjee, Scientist

                                      8. Mr. A. Banerjee,
                                      9. Dr. D.P. Rajwar,
                                      10. Mr. M.L. Mahato,

                                      11. Mr. K.C. Jayaprakash,

                                      12. Dr. A.K, Sinha,

                                      13. Mr. K.N. Mandal,

                                      14. Dr. J.M. Bose,

                                     15. Mr. R.K. Tiwary,

                                     16. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Ghosh,

                                     17. Mr. Achintya Das Gupta,

                                     18. Dr. B.K. Tewary,

                                     19. Mr. N.A. Rshidi,

                                     20. Mr. P.K. Mullick,

                                     21. Dr. S, Mandal, Scientist

53. Regional Laboratory,              1. Dr. Dilipkumar
Gurajrat Pollution Control Board,        Balvantray Desai,
Madan Mohan Kunj,                        Scientific Officer
15, Panchanath Plot,                  2. Mrs. K.D. Parmar,
Rajkot-360 001                           Scientific Assistant
                                      3. Mr. S.M. Jha, Scientific
                                      4. Mr. U.K. Madhad,
                                         Scientific Assistant
                                      5. Kum. L.R. Zala,
                                         Scientific Assistant
                                      6. Mr. B.R. Kochra,
                                          Scientific Assistant

54. Regional Laboratory.              1. Dilip Chamanlal Dave,
Gujarat Pollution Control Board,         Scientific Officer
I Floor, Bulabhai Chambers,
Nehru Bridge Comer,                   2. Mrs. Pushpinder Kaur,
Ahmedabad-380 009                        Scientific Officer

                                      3. Indumati M. Pandya,
                                         Scientific Assistant

                                      4. Varsha Ramanlal Bhatt,
                                          Scientific Assistant

                                       5. Mr. P.K. Gohil,
                                          Scientific Assistant

                                       6. Mr. M.S. Singhala,
                                          Scientific Assistant

                                       7. Mr. Darshana Bharat
                                          Patel, Scientific

                                       8. Mr. Akshaya Kanubhai
                                          Dave, Scientific

                                       9. Mr. Yogesh Kantilal
                                          Dani, Scientific

                                      10. Beena Jaydev Bhatt,
                                          Scientific Assistant

                                      11. Mr. Rajesh Ishwarlal
                                          Desai, Scientific

                                       12. Mr. Deepak Chunilal
                                           Dave, Scientific

55. Madhya Pradesh Pradushan Niwaran    1. Dr. P.C.Sesh, Regional
Mandal Laboratory, Regional Officer,       Officer
26-A, Telephone Nagar,
Kanadiya Road,                          2. Dr. Lokendra Trivedi,
Indore- 452 001                            Chemist

                                        3. Mrs. Aparna Bapat,

                                        4. Mr. Dilip K. Wagela,

56. Madhya Pradesh Pradushan Niwaran    1. Dr. Santosh Kumar
Mandal Laboratory, Regional Office,        Srivastava, Scientist
                                        2. Dr. P.S. Sharma,

                                        3. Mr. P.R. Deo, Junior

                                        4. Mr. Arun Kumar
                                           Srivastava, Chemist

                                        5. Mr. Sunil Dutt Tiwari,

57. West Bengal Pollution Control Board  1. Mrs. Moly Das Gupta,
    Laboratory,                            Analyst
    36, Shakespeare Sarani, II Floor,
    Calcutta- 700 017                   2. Mrs. Subrata Mandal,

                                        3. Mrs. Srabani Deb,

58. Plant Science Ecology Laboratory,   1. Dr. Kailash Paliwal,
    Department of Plant Sciences,          Reader
    School of Biological Sciences,
    Madurai Kamraj University,          2. Mr. K. Muthuchelian,
    Madurai- 625 021                       Senior Scientific

                                        3. M.K. Natrajan, Senior
                                           Scientific Officer

                                        4. Mr. K. Karvanaichamy,
                                           Junior Scientific

                                        5. Mr. T.K. Sivaraj,
                                           Junior Scientific

                                        6. Mr. G. Kandasamy,
                                           Senior Technician

59. Barauni Refinery Laboratory,        1. Mr. P.Chaudhari,
    Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.,           Chemist
    PO : Barauni Refinery,
    Distt. Begusarai                    2. MR. H.Prasad, Senior
    Pin 851 114                            Chemist

                                        3. Mr. S.K. Sudhanshu,

                                        4. Mr. A.P. Singh,

                                        5. Mr.R.N.P. Singh,

60. Chemical Laboratory,                1. Mr. S.C. Deshmukh,
    Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.,           Deputy Manager,
    Mathura Refinery,
    Mathura-281 005                     2. Mr. C.B. Pinto, Senior
                                           Quality Control

                                        3. Mr. Shimbuh Singh,
                                           Senior Quality Control

61. Regional Agricultural Research      1. Prof. K. Chandrase-
    Station Laboratory                     kharan Nair, Professor
    Kottayam, Kerala                    2. Dr. Sosamma Cherian,
                                           Assistant Professor

62. Soil and Water Research Laboratory, 1. Dr. P.C. Srivastava,
    Rural Works Department,                Senior Soil survey
    PO : Nahariagun-791 110                Officer
                                        2. Mr. M.K. Chandra,
                                           Research Assistant

63. Industrial Hygiene Laboratory,      1. Mr. Pratap Singh,
    Directorate of Industrial Health       Assistant Director
    and Safety, New Moti Bungalow,
    M.G. Road, Indore

64. Punjab Pollution Control Board      1. Miss Menu Sharma,
    Laboratory,                            Assistant Chemist
    17-B, Bhupendra Nagar,
    Patiala-147 001                     2. Mr. Gurnam Singh,
                                           Assistant Chemist

65. Haffkine Institute for Training     1. Dr. M.V.N. Shirodkar,
    and Testing, Acharya Donde Marg,       Director
    Parel, Bombay-400 012
                                        2. Dr. V.Ramakrishna Rao,
                                           Assistant Director

                                        3. Dr. D.M. Renapurkar,
                                           Assistant Director

                                        4. Dr. N.G. Chanderkar,
                                           Human Pharmacology

                                        5. Dr. B.G. Khaose,

                                        6. Dr. S.V. Gadre,

                                        7. Dr. H.K. Soni,
                                           Testing Department

                                        8. Dr. P. Ramaksrishnan,

                                        9. Dr. M.G. Phatak,
                                           Senior Scientific

                                       10. Mr. Satish Bhagwan
                                           Dholan, Junior
                                           Scientific Officer

                                       11. Mr. Arvind Pandurang
                                           Kukarni, Senior
                                           Scientific Officer

                                       12. Dr. R.P. Bhamaria,
                                           Senior Scientific

                                       13. Dr. (Mrs.) R.A.
                                           Deshmukh, Medical

66. Environmental Laboratory,           1. Prof. A.L.I. Rao,
    Department of Chemistry,               Head
    Punjab University,
    Patiala-147 002                     2. Dr. N.K. Ralhan

                                        3. Prof. Satvinder Singh
                                           Pahi, Reader

                                        4. Dr. B.S. Ahuja, Reader

                                        5. Dr. T.A. Sarma, Reader

67. Post Graduate Department of         1. Dr. R.K. Trivedy, Head
    Pollution Studies Laboratory
    Y.C. College of Science,            2. Mr. Pradip Kumar
    Karad- 415 110                         Goel, Lecturer

68. Regional Laboratory of Gujarat      1. Mr. D.B. Desai,
    Pollutin Control Board,                Scientific Officer
    Geeta Chambers,
    Diwali Hang, Athwa Lines,           2. Mr. J.B. Dave, Sr.
    Surat-395 001                          Scientific Assistant

                                        3. Mr. B.Y., Rathod, Jr.
                                           Scientific Assistant

                                        4. Mr. C.B. Patel, Sr.
                                           Scientific Assistant

69. Metallurgical & Engineering         1. Dr. Balbir Singh,
    Consultants (India) Limited,           Scientist
    Ranchi-834 002
                                        2. Dr. K.V.R. Verma,

                                        3. Dr. R. Karim,

                                        4. Mr. S.C. Jain,

                                        5. Mr. Ashok Kumar,

70. Department of Zoology,               1. Dr. R.K. Sharan,
    Patna University                       Professor
    Patna-800 005
                                        2. Dr. Ravinder Kumar
                                           Sinha, Lecturer

                                        3. Dr. M. Mohan, Lecturer

71. National Institute of               1. Dr. R. Sen Gupta, Dy.
    Occeanography, Dona Paula,             Director
    Panaji, Goa
                                        2. Dr. A.H. Parurkar,
                                           Asstt. Director

                                        3. Dr. Chandrabhushan
                                           Rao, Asstt. Director

72. U.P. State Pollution Control Board, 1. Dr. G.N. Mishra,
    1st Floor, Pragati Kendra             Scientific Officer
    Kapurthala Complex, Aliganj,
    Lucknow-226 020                     2. Dr. Sushil Kumar,
                                           Scientific Officer

                                        3. Dr. M. Sikandar, Jr.
                                           Scientific Officer

                                        4. Dr. Ranjana Saxens,
                                           Jr. Scientific Officer

73. A.P. Pollution Control Board,       1. Mr. K. Srinivasan,
    6-6-115/124, Kavadiguda                Scientist
    Main Road,
    Secunderabad-500 380                2. Mr. K.C. Kutumba Rao,

                                        3. Mr. N.B. Ramesh,

                                        4. Mr. M. Vijay Anand,

                                        5. Mrs. Rajia Sultana,

                                        6. Mrs.. V. Srijanani

                                        7. Mr. P. Ramesh Chandra,

                                        8. Mrs. S. Shobadevi,

                                        9. Mr. D. Muralidhar
                                           Reddy, Scientist

                                        10. Mr. P. Som Sundar,

74. Central Pollution Control Board,    1. Dr. S.D. Makhijani,
    Parivesh Bhawan,                        Scientist
    C-B-D cum Officer Complex,
    East Arjun Nagar, Delhi - 110 032   2. Dr. B. Sengupta,

                                        3. Dr. R.S. Mahawar,

75. Indian Veterinary Research          1. Dr. P.K. Gupta
    Institute (IVRI). Izatnagar-           Professor
    243 122
    (U.P.)                              2. Dr. V.N. Vijjan, S-2

                                        3. Dr. Sanjay Kumar, S-1

76. Rajasthan State Board for           1. Mr. D.C. Sharma, Sr.
    Prevention and Control of              Scientist
    J-2/35, Mahaveer Marg,, C-Scheme,   2. Dr. S.K. Bhargawa,
    Jaipur                                 Scientist

                                        3. Dr. A.K. Maheshwari,
                                           Sr. Chemist

577. Haryana State Pollution Control     1. Mr. Kawanaljit Singh,
    Board Laboratory,                      Scientist `B'
    K. No. 63, Sector-9,
    Faridabad (Haryana)

78. Haryana State Pollution Control     1. Mr. S.C. Mann,
    Board, Laboratory,                     Scientist `C'
    K.N. No. 677,
    Sector 6, Panchkula (Haryana)      2. Mr. O.P. Dahiya,
                                           Scientist `B'

79. Central Laboratory,                 1. Mr. Surapaneni
    Bihar State Pollution Control          Narayana Rao, Board
    Board, Boring Road,                    Analyst
    Patna-700 001
                                        2. Mr. Krishna Nand
                                           Sharma, Chemist

                                        3. Mr. Shasi Bhushan
                                           Kumar Senior Scien-
                                           tific Assistant

                                        4. Mr. Arvind Kumar,
                                           Senior Scientific

                                        5. Mr. Manoj Kumar,
                                           Junior Scientific

                                        6. Mr. S.F. Hassan,
                                           Senior Scientific

80. Pollution Control Analytical        1. Dr. A.K. Saxena,
    Laboratory, National Productivity      Deputy Director (PC)
    Utpadakta Bhavan, 5-6, Institu-     2. Dr. P.K. Gupta,
    tional Area, 5-6 Lodi Road,            Assistant Director
    New Delhi-3.                           (PC)

                                         3. Mr. M.J. Preves,
                                            Assistant Director

81. Process Control and Testing          1. Mr. V.V Pendse,
    Laboratory, "SPROB' SHAR CENTRE,        Engineer/Scientist
    Indian Space Research Organisation,     `SE'
    Sriharikota Range (Post Office)
    Nellore (District)                   2. Mr. K.A. Reddy,
    Andhra Pradesh Pin 524 124              Engineer/Scientist

                                         3. Mr, B.L. Sundaresh,

                                         4. Mr. S. Subrahmanyam,

                                         5. Mrs. Lakshmi Raman,

82. Environmental and Pollution          1. Mr. Venktesh
    Control Wing Laboratory,                Anantprabhu Chodnekar
    Directorate of Health Services,         , Scientific Officer
    Goa Medical College Complex
    Building, Banbolim (Post Office)     2. Mr. Pandurang
    Santa Cruz. Ilhas, Goa                  Balkrishna Sinai
                                            Hedge, Senior
                                            Scientific Assistant

                                         3. Mr. Narendra Shrihari
                                            Shriodkar, Scientific

                                         4. Mr. Madan Narashinha
                                            Naik, Scientific

783. Board Laboratory,                    1. Shri S.K.
    Karnataka State Pollution Control       Chikkananjaiah
    Board, 7th Floor, Public Utility
    Building, M.G.Road,                  2. Smt. H. Lokewari
    Bangalore - 560 001
                                         3. Smt. G. Kalaichaelvi

684. Meghalaya State Pollution            1. Mr. S.C. Katiyar,
    Control Board Laboratory,               Scientist `B'
    Arden, Motinagar, Shilliong-
    793 014                              2. Mr. Sukanta Kar,
                                            Chief Chemist

1. The principal Notification S.O. No. 728(E) dt. 21-7-87 was published in the Gazette No. 374 dt. 21-7- 87 and S. Nos. 18 to 31 and entries relating thereto were inserted vide S.O. 838 dt. 23-9-87 published in the Gazette No. 473 dt. 23-9-87.

2. S. Nos. 32 to 50 and entries relating thereto inserted vide Notification No. S.O. 989(E) dated 17-11- 8S published in the Gazette No. 5.72 dated 17-11-89.

3. S. Nos. 51 to 67 and entries relating thereto inserted vide Notification No. S.O. 489(E) dated 17-5-88 published in the Gazette No. 256 dated 17-5-88.

4. S. Nos. 68 to 76 and entries relating thereto inserted vide Notification No. S.O. 156(E) dated 24-2-89 published in the Gazelle No. 95 dated 24-2-89.

5. S. Nos. 77 to 83 and entries relating thereto inserted vide S.O. 846(E) dt. 24-10-89 published in the Gazette No. 685 dated 24-10-89.

6. S.No. 84 and entries relating thereto inserted vide S.O. 375(E) dt. 26-4-90 published in the Gazette No. 248 dt. 10-5-90.

7. The name of Government Analysts amended Vide Notification S.O. 313(E) dated 31.03.1994, Gazette No. 189 dated 18.04.1994. The Laboratory and the Government Analysts so notified shall remain valid for a period of 3 years from the date of the Notification.


(Department of Environment, Forest and Wildlife) NOTIFICATION New Delhi, the 21st February, 1991

S.O. 145 (E).-- In exercise of the powers conferred under section 23 of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 (29 of 1986), the Central Government hereby issue the following orders, namely:--

1. The Central Government hereby delegates the powers with respect to grant of recognition to laboratories or institutes as environmental laboratories and to appoint or recognize Analysts as Government Analysts, as conferred by clause (b) of sub-section (i) of section 12 and section 13 respectively of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 to the Central Pollution Control Board.

2. Recognition of the private laboratories under clause (b) of sub-section (i) of section 12 of the Environment (Protection) act, 1986 as well as recognition of their Analysts as Government Analysts under section 13 of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, will continue to be done by the Central Government.

3. The laboratories recognized under clause (b) of sub-section (i) of section 12 of the Environment (Protection ) Act. 1986 shall be specified as Government/Autonomous/Public Sector Undertaking/Educational Institution/State or Central Pollution Control Board Laboratories.

4. The work done by each Laboratory recognised under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, shall be included in the Annual Report of the Central Pollution Control Board.

5. This notification shall come into force on the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

[No. Q-15013/1/89-CPW]