Environmental Clearance

1. Introduction

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an important management tool for ensuring optimal use of nature resource for sustainable development. To facilitate project proponents in collection of environmental data, guidelines have been evolved and made available. EIA is now mandatory under Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 for 29 categories of developmental activities involving investment beyond certain thresholds.

1.2 Public Hearing

The EIA Notification of 27th January 1994 has been amended on 10th April, 1997. By this amendment public hearing is mandatory for all the 29 categories of activities which require environmental clearance from the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India. the public hearing will be conducted by the State Pollution Control Boards on the basis of information made available to them by the project authorities after giving due notice to the public. The public will also have access to the documents. The public hearing panel will consist of representative of State Pollution Control Board, State Government, District Collector, Local Bodies apart from three Senior Citizens of the area to be nominated by the District Collector. The details of public hearing will be made available of Ministry of Environment and Forests which will appraise the project thereafter.

1.3 Environmental Appraisal Committees

With a view to ensuring multi-disciplinary inputs required for environmental appraisal of Development Projects, Expert Committees have been constituted for the following sectors:-

1.4 Environmental Appraisal procedure

Once an application for environmental clearance is received from a project proponent, along with requisite documents specified in the EIA Notification, the proposal is scrutinized by the technical staff of the Ministry prior to placing it before the Expert Committees. The Committees evaluate the environmental impacts of the project based on the data furnished by the projects of the project based on the data furnished by the project proponent and wherever necessary, site visits and independent assessment of environmental aspects are also undertaken. based on such examination, the Committees make recommendations for approval or rejection of the proposal, which are then proceed in the Ministry for approval or rejection.

In case of site specific projects such as mining, river valley, ports and harbours etc., a 2-stage clearance produce has been adopted whereby the project proponents have to obtain site clearance before applying for environmental clearance of the project. This is to ensure that the ecologically fragile and environmentally sensitive areas are avoided while locate projects. In case of projects which are submitted with require documentation, a decision is taken within 90 days.

During the period January -June 1997, 68 projects have been accorded environmental clearance subject to terms and conditions stipulated for each of the project in the memorandum communicating the clearance of the Ministry to the proponents. A breakdown of the clearance, sector wise, is given below:

1.5 Monitoring

Environmental clearances issued by this Ministry are subject to implementation of stipulated environmental safeguards. These conditions are implemented, inter alia, under the provision of Water Act, 1974, Air Act, 1981, Environment Protection Act, 1986, and PLI Act, 1991 along with their amendments and rules. Monitoring of cleared projects is undertaken by the Regional Offices of the Ministry functioning at Shillong, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Bhopal and Bangalore. The primary objectives of such a procedure is to ensure adequacy of the suggested safeguards and also to undertake mid-course correction, if any required.

1.6 Delegation of Powers

The Ministry of Environment and Forests has, by its notification dated 10th April, 1997 empowered the State Government to accord environmental clearance to:

The State Government will follow the same prouder as being followed in the Central Government with regard to environmental appraisal of such power projects after conducting public hearing.

1.7 Thermal Power Projects

- The information on the thermal projects given clearance is given below:

Sl.     Name of         Proponent               Location        Authority & Date of             Remarks

1.      820 MW          M/s Reliance            Patalganga      Ministry of E&F letter No.      1.      An area of 200 acres only should
        Combined Cycle  Industries              Raigad          J-13011/16/96-IA-II (T)                 be cquired for installation of
        Power Plant     Limited                 Maharashta      dated 07.01.97                          naphtha tanks, other facilities,
                                                                                                        green belt etc.

                                                                                                2.      Liquid effluent should be property
                                                                                                        treated before discharging into
                                                                                                        Patalganga river below the
                                                                                                        Chawara Weir.

2.      Krishnapatnam   M/s GVK Power           Krishnapatnam   Ministry of E&F letter No.              The earlier clearance accorded to
        `A' Coal Fired  Limited                 Andhra          J.13011/17/91-IA.II(T)                  the Project to be executed by
        Power Project                           Pradesh         dated 20.01.97                          Andhra Pradesh Electricity Board
                                                                                                        has been transferred to GVK Power 
                                                                                                        Limited for establishment of One
                                                                                                        500 MW Thermal Power Project.

3.      Krishnapatnam   M/s BBI Power           Krishnapatnam   No.J.13011/17/91-IA, II                 Environmental clearance was
        `B' Coal Fired  Inc.                    Andhra          dated 20.01.97                          accorded vide OM of even number
        Power Project                           Pradesh                                                 dated 16.09.92 for 2x500 MW TPPs
                                                                                                        to be implemented by APEB. The
                                                                                                        clearance for the second 500 MW
                                                                                                        Unit is now transferred to M/s BBI
                                                                                                        Power Ltd.

4.      3x13.54 MW DG   M/s Indo-Rama           Butibori        No. J-13011/22/96/96-IA.II(T)   1.      Furmace oil @7.7 MT/hour should
        Power Plant at  Synthetics Ltd.         Nagpur          dated 20.01.97                          be used and Sulphur content in the
        Indo-Rama                               Maharastra                                              fuel should be within 2.5% to 3%
                                                                                                2.      Close Circuit Cooling Divice should
                                                                                                        be provided. Only minimum water
                                                                                                        is to be drawn for make-up purposes.

5.      2x120 MW        M/s                     Jojobera        No.J-13011/28/96-IA(T)          1.      Total area for flyash disposal not to
        Thermal Power   Jamshedpur              Bihar           dated 20.01.97                          exceed 176 ha                                                                                                   
        Plant           Power                                                                   2.      The area identified for ash disposal
                                                                                                        should be suitably lined and fly ash
                                                                                                        bricks will be fully used in the
                                                                                                        construction work of the project.

6.      150 MW          M/s Gouriore            Gouripore       No. J. 13011/12/96-IA.II(T)     1.      Circulating Fludised Bed Combustion
        Gouripore       Power                   West Bengal     dated 27.01.97                          Technology (CFBC) should be used 
        Thermal Power   Company                                                                         for power generation.
        Station                                                                                 2.      Washed coal with less than 0.4%
                                                                                                        Sulphur content should be used.
                                                                                                        Coal consuption shoud be on an 
                                                                                                        average of 38120 tonne/day
7.      516 MW          M/s BPL Power           Cheemeni        No. J.13011/31/95-IA.II(T)      1.      For Controlling Nox emissions,
        Combined Cycle  Projects                Kasargod        dated 27.01.97                          water/steam injection in the
        Power Plant     (Kerala)Pvt.            Kerala                                                  combustin chamber should be
                                                Ltd.                                                    ensured; Nox emissions to be
                                                                                                        restricted to 100 ppm
                                                                                                2.      All effuents generatated in various 
                                                                                                        plants activities should be colleted
                                                                                                        in Central Effuent Treatment Plant
                                                                                                        to ensure adherence to specified
                                                                                                        standards of discharge.
8.      Bawana Gas      Delhi Electric          Bawana U.T.     No.J-13011/15/91-IA.II(T)               In addition to creation of 10m
        Base Power      Supply                  of Delhi        dated 27.01.97                          wide green belt on three sides of
        Project (600    Undertaking                                                                     Phase I and Phase II., the project
        MW)                                                                                             authorities should also develop a
                                                                                                        green belt between the Western
                                                                                                        Yamuna Canal and the plant
9.      820 MW          M/s Reliance            Patalganga      No. J-13011/16/96-IA.II(T)              The clearance given at Serial No.1
        Combined Cycle  Patalganga              Raigad          dated 26.02.97                          above is tranferred to the
        Power Plant     Power Pvt. Ltd.         Maharashtra                                             proponent company.
10.     2x500 MW Coal   M/s nagarijuna          Padubidri       No. J-13011/23/96-IA.II(T)      1.      Two stacks of height 275m with 
        Based Power     Power                   Mangalore       dated 26.02.97                          continuous monitoring facility
        Project         Corporation Ltd.        Karnataka                                               should be installed.
                                                                                                2.      An instrumented meteorological
                                                                                                        tower shall be set up for collecting
                                                                                                        on-site met. data.
11.     1000 MW         M/s GVK                 Kattupalli      No. J. 13011/11/96-IA.II(T)     1.      Since the soil in the region is sandy
        Combined Cycle  Generation Ltd.         Tamil Nadu      dated 19.03.97                          in nature, stabilisation should be
        Power Project                                                                                   undertaken and the level raised to
                                                                                                        atleast 3m above the hight flood
                                                                                                        level for the plant.
                                                                                                2.      Adequate cyclone shelters should
                                                                                                        be provided in and around the 
                                                                                                        project area.
12.     4x250 MW        M/s Reliance            Motikhardi      No. J/13011/20/95-IA.II(T)      1.      Seawater indtake and outfall point
        Thermal Power   Power Limited           Gujarat         dated 20.03.97                          shall be sharaed with the refinery    
        Power Project                                                                                   project and desalination plant with a  
                                                                                                        capacity of 2.35 MGD will be 
                                                                                                        installed for meeting the water 
                                                                                                        requirement of the thermal power
13.     500 MW          M/s Kannur              Kannur          No. J-13011/5/96-IA.II(T)               Once-through cooling system shall
        Combined Cycle  Power Projects          Kerala          dated 21.03.97                          be provided that the temperature
        Power Plant     Limited                                                                         ensured that the temperature
                                                                                                        differential between the input and
                                                                                                        outfall points is within 5 degree
                                                                                                        centrigrades.The intake and
                                                                                                        outfall points shall be decided in
                                                                                                        consultation with the National 
                                                                                                        Institute of Oceanography, Goa.
14.     2x660 MW        M/s Cuddalore           Thaigavalli     No. J. 13011/8.96-IA.II(T)              Adequate space shall be provided
        Cuddalore       Power                   Cuddalore       dated 21.03.97                          for retrofitting of Flue Gas
        Thermal Power   Company Ltd.            Tamil Nadu                                              Desuphurisation Plant, if felt
        Project                                                                                         necessary, at a later date.

15.     500 MW          M/s Tri/Sakthi          Ennore          No. J-13011/30/95-IA.II(T)      1.      Ash generated to the tune of .16
        (Stagelll)North Energy Pvt. Ltd.        Tamil Nadu      dated 17.04.97                          million tonnes/year shall be
        Madras Thermal                                                                                  disposed in the common ash dyke
        Power Project                                                                                   area of TNEB. No seperate ash
                                                                                                        dyke shall be created for the
                                                                                                        proposed project.
                                                                                                2.      The project-affected persons/
                                                                                                        oustees shall be suitably rehabilitated
                                                                                                        and compensation paid as per the
                                                                                                        TNEB norms.
16.     475 MW          M/s Ispat               Vengiri         No. J.13011/35/96.IA-II(T)              Environment clearance given in
        Naptha Based    Power Ltd.              East Godavari   dated 23.04.97                          favour of Ispat Industries Ltd.
        Combined Cycle                          Andhra                                                  (formerly known as Nippon Denro
        Power Plant                             Pardesh                                                 Ispat Ltd. transfered to the 
                                                                                                        proponent company.
17.     355 MW          M/s Lanco               Kondapalli      No. J.13011/3/97-IA-II(T)       1.      The radiation contours for worst
        Combined Cycle  Power Ltd.              Krishna         date 24.04.97                           case scenario should be contained
        Power Project                           Andhra                                                  within the plat premises.
                                                Pradesh                                                 Adequate safety measures such as 
                                                                                                        installation of leak detection
                                                                                                        devices, fire hydrants, foam spray
                                                                                                        etc. should be provided at the
                                                                                                        storage facilities.
                                                                                                2.      Regular mock drills should be
                                                                                                        carrried out for checking the on-site
                                                                                                        Emergency Plan prepared and also 
                                                                                                        to ensure changes/improvements
                                                                                                        required in the on-site Emergency

18.     166 MW          M/s GBL Power           Narsingpur      No. J.13011/12/97-IA.II(T)              Keeping in view the proximity of the
        Naphtha based   Limited                 Madhya          dated 30.04.97                          plant to the NH-26 and Central
        Power project                           Pradesh                                                 Railway line on Itarsi - Jabalpur
                                                                                                        Sector, adequate setback distance
                                                                                                        as stipulated by concerned
                                                                                                        authorities should be maintained.

19.     3x23 Mw Coal    M/s Larsen &            Awarpur         No. J.13011/12/97-IA.II(T)              Fly ash generated to the tune of
        Based captive   Tubro Ltd.              Maharshtra      dated -7.05.97                          434.45 tonnes/day will be fully
        Power Plant                                                                                     utilised in the existing cement plant 
                                                                                                        of M/s Larsen & Tubro Ltd. at 
                                                                                                        Awarpur Cement Works, Chandrapur

20.     33 MW Mini      M/s Best Power          Near Kandi      No. J.13011/2/97-IA-II                  Radiator type cooling mechanism
        Power Plant     Line Ltd.               Medak                                                   shall be provied.

21.     2x120 MW        M/s Gujarat             Near Gogha      No. J.13011/24/93-IA-II(T)              Circulating fludized Bed technology
        Lignite Fired   Power                   Bhavnagar       dated 16.06.97                          shall be adopted and lime will be 
        Power Plant     Coporation              Gujarat                                                 added in the bed of the boiler for
                        Limited                                                                         removal of Sulphur. The efficiency
                                                                                                        of the Sulphur tapping should be
                                                                                                        ensured at a minimum of 90%

22.     2000 MW Gas     M/s Indian              Vember          No.J-13011/20/96-IA-II(T)       1.      A separate environment monitoring 
        Turbine Power   Power Project           Tamil Nadu                                              cell with suitably qualified staff shall
        Project         Ltd.                                                                            be set up for implementation of of
                                                                                                        the stipulated environmental safeguards.
                                                                                                2.      A half yearly report on the status of
                                                                                                        implementation of the stipulated
                                                                                                        conditions and environmental
                                                                                                        safeguards shall be submited to
                                                                                                        this Ministry/RO/CPCB/SPCB.

23.     100 MW Power    M/s Samalpath           Parandapalli    No.J-13011/32/96-IA-II(T)               All the conditions stipulated by the 
        Project Based   Power                   Tamil Nadu      dated 18.06.97                          Tamil nadu State Pollution Control
        on Liquid fuel  Company                                                                         Board vide their letter
                                                                                                        dated 8th Marc, 1996 and its 
                                                                                                        Annexure-I and Appendix A, B & C 
                                                                                                        should be strictly implemented.

1.8 Industrial Projects

Table 2:
Sl      Name of         Proponent               Location        Authority & Date of             Remarks
No.     Project                                                 Approval

1.      3.0 MTPA        M/s Nippon              Raigad          No. J-11011/496-IA-II           1.      The project authorities must strictly                                                                                                     
        Integrated Steel        Denro Ispat     Maharashtra     dated 31.12.96                          adhere to the Stipulations made by 
        Plant           Ltd.                                                                            the maharashtra Pollution Control
                                                                                                2.      The gaseous emissions from various
                                                                                                        process units should confirm to be
                                                                                                        load/mass based standards notified 
                                                                                                        by this Ministry on 19th May, 1993
                                                                                                        and standards prescribed from time 
                                                                                                        to time.
                                                                                                3.      There will be no discharged of treated
                                                                                                        effluents outside the plant premiss.
                                                                                                        The reated efluent should be 
                                                                                                        recycled and reused as process

2.      Manufacture of          Modern          Bharuch         No. J.11011/60/96-IAII(I)       1.      Adequate number of air quality
        Paraxylene and          petrochemicals  Gujarat         dated 06.01.96                          monitoring stations should be set up
        PTA                                                                                             in down wind directin as well as
                                                                                                        where maximum concentrations of
                                                                                                        SPM, SO, NOX arae anticipated in 
                                                                                                        consultationwith the State Pollution
                                                                                                        Control Board.
                                                                                                2.      A study to asess the impact on
                                                                                                        Narmada Estuary due to disposal of
                                                                                                        treated effluent should be carried 
                                                                                                        out. The marine outfall point and
                                                                                                        route of the pipeline should be
                                                                                                        finalised based on the 
                                                                                                        recommendation of the marine
                                                                                                        impact study.

3.      6 MMTPA         M/s The                 Haldia          No. J.11011/61/96-IA II         1.      Total emission of SO2 from the
        Refinery        Chatterjee              West Bengal     dated 07.01.97                          entire refinery complex should not
                        Group                                                                           exceed the range 30-40 TPD.
                                                                                                2.      Sulphur recovery units with more
                                                                                                        than 99% efficiency for Sulphur
                                                                                                        recovery should be provided.
4.      900 TPD         M/s FACT                Ambalamedu      No. J.11011/52/96-IA II         1.      Fugitive emission of dust, acid-mist
        Sulphuric Acid  Ccohin Division         Kerala          dated 07.01.96                          vapours/fumes, SO2, F, NH3 should
        Plant                                                                                           be controlled and work environment
                                                                                                        monitored for prevailing
                                                                                                        contaminants regularly.
                                                                                                2.      Efforts should be made by FACT to
                                                                                                        achieve the norm of 2 pp, of F 
                                                                                                        prescribed by KSPCB in the treated
                                                                                                        effuent before discharge into the
                                                                                                        Chitrapuzha river.

5.      Abestos         M/s Visaka              Manikkantham    No. J-11011/44/96-IA.II(I)      1.      The project proponent shall adhere
        Cement Unit     Industries              Salem           dated 15.01.97                          to the prescribed BIS standards and
                        Limited                 Tamil Nadu                                              laws regarding use and handling of
                                                                                                        asbestos, sasfety of employees etc.
                                                                                                2.      Blue asbestos should not be utilized
                                                                                                        as raw material in the manufacturing
                                                                                                        process. A written commitment in
                                                                                                        this regasrd should be furnished
                                                                                                        within a period of one month.

6.      Expansion :     M/s RAMCO               Arkonam         No. J-11011/82/96-IA.II(I)      1.      The project proponent shall adhere
        Asbestos        Industries              Tamil Nadu      dated 15.01.97                          to the prescribed BIS standards and
        Project         Limited                                                                         laws regarding use and handling of
                                                                                                        asbestos, safety of employees etc.
                                                                                                2.      Blue asbestos should not be utilized
                                                                                                        as raw material in the manufacturing 
                                                                                                        process. A written commitment in
                                                                                                        this regard should be furnished 
                                                                                                        within a period of one month.

7.      Manufacture of  M/s Light Alloy         North Arcot     No.J.11012/33/96-IA II          1.      No external aluminiumscrap should
                                                                                                        be used as raw material in the
                                                                                                        melting process.
                                                                                                2.      The funds earmarked for 
                                                                                                        environmental protection measures
                                                                                                        should not be diverted for other

8.      Electroplating  M/s Lawrence            Chengal         No. J-11011/9/96-I.II(I)                The soil waste/sludge generated 
        Unit            Builders                MGR District    dated 15.01.97                          from the process unit should be 
                                                                                                        disposed of in a landfill site
                                                                                                        approved by the TNSPCB. Until the
                                                                                                        site is approved and made
                                                                                                        operational, the solid waste/sludge
                                                                                                        should be stored in non-corrosive
                                                                                                        drums and not in polyethylene bags 
                                                                                                        as indicated in the EIA report.

9.      Copper Smelter  M/s Metdist             Pipavav,        No. J.11011/55/95-IA II                 The land requirement indicates that 
        and Refinery    industries Ltd.         Amerli          dated 15.01.97                          3.4 Ha forest land is involved (out of 
        Complex                                 Gujrat                                                  447 Ha). Necessity forestry
                                                                                                        clearance under Forest
                                                                                                        (Conservation) Act, 1980 may be 
                                                                                                        obtained before diversion of the same.
                                                                                                2.      100% utilisation of phosphogypsum 
                                                                                                        should be achieved within a period
                                                                                                        of 5 years and at no time storage of 
                                                                                                        phosphogypsum should exceed 2 
                                                                                                        years storage capacity.

10.     Dimethyl        M/s Garware             Walujj          No. J. 11011/40/96-IA II        1.      As reflected in the EMP, 50% of                
        Terephthalate   Polyster Ltd.           Aurangabad      Dated 15.01.97                          waste water should be recycled.
                                                Maharashtra                                     2.      The hazardous wastes should 
                                                                                                        be handled as per the Hazardous
                                                                                                        Waste (Management & Handling)
                                                                                                        Rules of the EPA, 1986.

11.     RCF Expansion   M/s Rashtriya           Thal            No. J-11011/65/96-IA II         1.      Recommendations made in the 
        Project         Chemicals &             Raigad          dated 15.01.97                          status report on mangroves must be
                        Fertilizers Ltd.        Maharashtra                                             complied with a time bound
                                                                                                2.      The chromate system for the
                                                                                                        existing units should be phased out
                                                                                                        by July 1997.

12.     Pig Iron Project        M/s Goa         Costi village   No. J-11011/56/96-IAII(I)               A presepective plan for 100%
                                Carbon Limited  South Goa       dated 16.01.97                          utilisation of slag should be prepared
                                                                                                        and submitted to this Ministry within
                                                                                                        six months for approval.

13.     Viscose Staple  M/s Birla               Bharuch         No. J.11012/85/95-IA II(I)      1.      The industry should set up a pilot
        Fibre Plant     Cellulosic              Gujarat         dated 16.01.97                          plant and standardise the technology 
                        (Grasim                                                                         for incineration of CS2/H2S rich
                        Industries Ltd.)                                                                stream before commissioning the 
                                                                                                2.      Guard ponds of sufficient holding
                                                                                                        capacity should be provided to cope 
                                                                                                        up with the effluent discharge during 
                                                                                                        process disturbances. The
                                                                                                        contributing units should be 
                                                                                                        immediately shut down and should
                                                                                                        not be restarted without bringing the 
                                                                                                        system back to normally.

14.     Bulk Drug Unit  M/s Medicorp            Medak           No. J. 110011/66/96-IA-II       1.      Storage of solvents should be in
                        Technology              Andhra          dated 17.01.97                          accordance with the prescribed 
                        India Limited           Pradesh                                                 safety norms. Fugitive emissions
                                                                                                        monitored, and data recorded. The
                                                                                                        monitored, and data recorded. The 
                                                                                                        monitored data should be submitted
                                                                                                        to the Ministry once in 6 months for

15.     Chlor-Alkali    M/s Seil Ltd.           Patiala         No. 11011/62/96-IA-II           1.      Occupational health surveillance
        Project                                 Punjab          dated 17.01.97                          programme should be undertaken as
                                                                                                        a regular exercise especially with
                                                                                                        respect to exposure to chlorine,
                                                                                                        thermal stresses and noise pollution.
                                                                                                2.      Suitable alarm system and standard
                                                                                                        procedure for transmitting the
                                                                                                        information o accidental release of
                                                                                                        chlorine to the nearbyareas and
                                                                                                        focal point should be established.

16.     Methanol Plant  M/s Fertilizer          Udyogamandal    No. J. 11011/17/96-(IA) - II            Same as at 4. Instead of
                        and Chemicals           Kerals          dated 17.07.97                          Chitrapuzha river, read periyar river
                        Travancore Ltd.                                                                 here.

17.     Expansion       M/s Chemplast           Mettur          No. J-11011/18/96-IA II                 Adequate noise control measures
        Projects of     Sanmar Limited          Salem           (Ind)                                   shall be taken up so as to keep
        Chloromethanes                          Tamil Nadu      dated 12.02.97                          noise levels below 85 dB (A) in the 
                                                                                                        work environment.

18.     Expansion of    M/s Sudarshan           Roha District   No. J. 11011/37/96-IA II                The industry will not manufacture ES
        Pesticide Unit  Chemical                Maharashtra     dated 14.02.97                          Fenvellarate (Technical) and Ethion
                        Industries Ltd.                                                                 (Technical) without prior approval of

19.     MDI Project     M/s Hindustan           Rasayani        No. J. 11011/79/96-IA II        1.      There will be no discharge of
                        Organic                 Raigad          dated 14.02.97                          process effuents. As reflected in
                        Chemicals Ltd.          Maharashtra                                             the EMP, the entire process effluent
                                                                                                        from the proposed unitl should be 
                                                                                                2.      Organic vapour leadages from the     
                                                                                                        storage and loading units should be
                                                                                                        collected and scrubbed with water or
                                                                                                        sent directly to the incinerator flare.

20.     Cement Plant    M/s Visaka              Ranga Reddy     No. J- 11012/54/96-IA-II        1.      The project Authority should obtain
                        Cement Limited          Distt.          dated 17.02.97                          environmental clearance for the
                                                Andhra                                                  associated limestone mining project
                                                Pardesh                                                 from the Ministry of Environment
                                                                                                        and Forests before comissioning
                                                                                                        the project.
                                                                                                2.      The project authority should obtain
                                                                                                        permission fromthe State lrrigation
                                                                                                        Dept. for withdrawal of water from
                                                                                                        Kanga river. In case ground water
                                                                                                        resources are also proposed to be 
                                                                                                        tapped, approvalfrom the State 
                                                                                                        Ground board for withdrawal of
                                                                                                        ground water should be obtained
                                                                                                        and a copy of the same should be 
                                                                                                        submitted to this Ministry.

21.     Bulk Drug Unit  M/s Dai-Ichi            Rangareddy      No. J. 11012/58/96-IA-II        1.      The solar evaporation ponds and 
                        Karkaria                Distt.          dated 17.02.97                          guard pond should be provided with     
                        Limited                 Andhra                                                  impervious lining and stability of the 
                                                Pardesh                                                 ponds with respect to leakages/
                                                                                                        cracks and other factors should be
                                                                                                2.      Adequate number of influent and
                                                                                                        effluent quality monitoring stations
                                                                                                        should be set up in consultation with
                                                                                                        the State Pollution Control Board.

22.     Manufacturing   M/s Metgrochem          Umraiya         No. J- 11011/27/95-IAII(I)      1.      The project authorities must strictly
        facilities for  Industries Ltd.         Gujarat         dated 18.02.97                          adhere to the stipulations made by
        dyes and dye                                                                                    the Gujarat Pollution Control Board
        intermediates                                                                                   and the State Government.
                                                                                                2.      The project authorities should adopt
                                                                                                        a cleaner production process
                                                                                                        technology, recommended by
                                                                                                        N.C.L., Pune for manufacture of H-
                                                                                                        Acid. The State Pollution Control 
                                                                                                        Board may ensure this, while
                                                                                                        granting `Consent to Operate' to the

23.     New AOFA (Anti  M/s Balmer              Manali          No. J. 11011/33/96-IA II        1.      On-site and off-site Emergency Plan 
        Oxidant         Lawrie and Co.          Tamil Nadu      dated 14.03.97                          as required under the Rules 13 and
        Functional      Ltd.                                                                            14 of the Handling, Manufacture,
        Additives) Unit                                                                                 Storage and Import of the 
        and SYNTAN                                                                                      Hazardous Chemicals Rules, 1989
        (Synthetic                                                                                      should be prepared and approval
        Tanning Agent)                                                                                  from the competent authority/should  
        Expansion Unit                                                                                  be obtainied.
                                                                                                2.      Adequate measures for the control                                                                                               
                                                                                                        of noise within the plant should be
                                                                                                        taken so as to keep the noise level
                                                                                                        below 85 dbt in the working 

24.     Distillery Unit M/s Penguin             Cancona         No.J.11012/105/96-IA II(I)      1.      The project authorities should set up
                        Alcohols Pvt.           Goa             DATED 20.03.97                          laboratory facilities for collection and 
                        Ltd.                                                                            analysis of samples under
                                                                                                        supervision of competent technical
                                                                                                        personnel who will directly report to
                                                                                                        the Chief Executive.
                                                                                                2.      A separate Environmental
                                                                                                        Management Cell with suitably
                                                                                                        qualified people to carry out various
                                                                                                        functions should be set up under the
                                                                                                        control of Senior Executive who will 
                                                                                                        directly report to the Head of the Organisation.

25.     Manufacture of  M/s Nirma Ltd.          Vadodara        No. J.11011/77/96-IA-II         1.      A community welfare scheme for
        Linear Alkyl                            Gujarat         dated 20.03.07                          improving the socio-economic
        Benzene (Lab)                                                                                   environment should be worked out
                                                                                                        and report submitted to the Ministry
                                                                                                        for review.
                                                                                                2.      Periodical medical check up of the 
                                                                                                        workers should be done and records
                                                                                                        maintained as a measure to provide
                                                                                                        occupational health service to the

26.     Asbestos        M/s Neelachal           Midnapur        No. J-11012/60/96-IA-II(I)      1.      The project proponent should only 
        Cement          Natural                 West Bengal     dated 09.04.97                          adopt wet type manufacturing
        Pressure Pipe   Resources (P)                                                                   process. Further, the bags 
        Unit            Ltd.                                                                            containing asbestos fibre will be
                                                                                                        shredded alongwith raw material.
                                                                                                2.      The project proponent should 
                                                                                                        comply strictly with the hazardous
                                                                                                        waste (Management and Handling)
                                                                                                        Rules of the Environment
                                                                                                        (Protection) Act, 1986, as asbestos
                                                                                                        wastes fall under category 14 fo the Rules.

27.     Installation of M/s madras              Madras          No. J.11011/94/96-IA II (I)     1.      The total SO2 emission from madras
        Diesel HDS Unit Refineries Ltd.         Refinery,       dated 09.04.97                          Refinery including DHDS project
                                                Madras                                                  should be brought down from the 
                                                                                                        existing level of 20 TPD to 17.4
                                                                                                        TPD. Only Naptha should be used 
                                                                                                        as fuel in the GAS Turbine and 
                                                                                                        Heat Recovery steam Generation units.
                                                                                                2.      Time bound Action Plan for disposal of 
                                                                                                        oily sludge/recovery of oil and design 
                                                                                                        details of the solid waste disposal 
                                                                                                        pit should be furnished to the 
                                                                                                        Ministry within a period of 3 months.

28.     Bulk Drug Unit  M/s Pharmed             Hosur District  No. J.11011/14/96-IA-II         1.      the solar evaporation ponds and
                        Chemicals               Tamil Natdu     dated 09.04.97                          guard pond should be provided with
                                                                                                        impervious lining and stability of the 
                                                                                                        ponds with respect to leakages/
                                                                                                        cracks and other factors should be
                                                                                                2.      Adequate number of influent and
                                                                                                        effluent quality monitoring stations 
                                                                                                        should be set up in consultation with
                                                                                                        the State Pollution Control Board.

29.     Cement Plant    Birla Jute &            Bathia-Khurd    No. J-11011/15/97-IA.II(I)      1.      The project authority shall not
                        Industries Ltd.         Satna                                                   change any design/height of the 
                                                Madhya                                                  stacks without permission of State
                                                Pradesh                                                 Pollution Control Board.
                                                                                                2.      The total raw water requirement 
                                                                                                        must be maintained at a maximum
                                                                                                        of 2200 m2/day by adopting water
                                                                                                        conservation measures. Specifically, 
                                                                                                        the cement kiln/raw mill must be 
                                                                                                        provided with state-of-the-art bag 
                                                                                                        dust collectors instead of ESP to 
                                                                                                        reduce the SPM emissions below 
                                                                                                        100 mg/Nm3 (limit given by SPCB) 
                                                                                                        and also to avoid use of water in 
                                                                                                        gas conditioning tower.

30.     Manufacture of  M/s Vidhi               Raigad          No. J.11012/37/96-IA-II                 All permitted colours and their 
        Food Colour     Dyestuffs               Maharashtra     dated 10.04.97                          preparation of mixture are to be 
        and             Manufacturing                                                                   coemulsorily certified by BIS, and
                                                                                                        governed under the Provisions of
                                                                                                        Prevention of Food Adulteration 
                                                                                                        Act, 1954.

31.     Bulk Drug       M/s RECON               Koramangala     No. J.11011/34/96-IA II(I)      1.      Stack emissions from the process,
        Unit            Ltd.                    Bangalore       dated 10.04.97                          boiler and incinerator should be
                                                Karnataka                                               monitored for SO2, NOX, HCE and
                                                                                                        SPM and record maintained.
                                                                                                2.      Date on ambient air quality and 
                                                                                                        stack emission from boiler should 
                                                                                                        be submitted to this Ministry once 
                                                                                                        in six months along with the 
                                                                                                        statistical analysis 

32.     Installation of M/s Hindustan           V'patnam        No. J.11011/88/96-IA-II(I)      1.      The total SO2 emission from Visakh 
        Diesel HDS      Petroleum               Andhra          dated 10.04.97                          Refinery including DHDS project
        Unit            Corporation             Pradesh                                                 shoul not exceed the norm of 11.5 TPD.
                                                                                                2.      The existing ETP should be 
                                                                                                        adequately augmented (if required)
                                                                                                        effluent from the DHDS project
                                                                                                        before commissioning project so as
                                                                                                        ensure the treated effluent meets
                                                                                                        the MINAS.

33.     Installation of M/s Bharat              Mumbai          No. J-11011/74/96-IA-II(I)      1.      The existing ETP should be
        Diesel          Petroleum                               dated 10.04.97                          adequately augmented or additional
        Hydrodesuplhuri Corporation                                                                     treatment facilities should be
        sation Project  Ltd.                                                                            provided to accommodate the
        at BPCL                                                                                         additional effluent load from the
        Refinery                                                                                        DHDS project before commissioning
                                                                                                        project so as to ensure that the
                                                                                                        treated effluent meets the MINAS.
                                                                                                2.      Time bound Action Plan for Disposal
                                                                                                        of Oil Sludge/recovery of oil and  
                                                                                                        design details of the solid waste 
                                                                                                        disposal pit should be furnished to
                                                                                                        the Ministry within a period of 3
34.     Cement Plant-II M/s Larsen &            Amreli          No. J-11011/54/96-IA-II         1.      The desalination plant capable of 
                        Tubro Limited           Gujrat          dated 21.04.97                          meeting the water requirement of the 
                                                                                                        entire complex (existing and
                                                                                                        proposed) should be set up within 
                                                                                                        one year of receiving environmental 
                                                                                                2.      In view of the site's proximity to
                                                                                                        HTL, ground water quality should be
                                                                                                        constantly monitored at quarterly 
                                                                                                        interval to ensure that there is no
                                                                                                        saline intrusion. Tapping of ground 
                                                                                                        water should cease, if any saline 
                                                                                                        intrusion is detected.

35.     Distillery Unit M/s Nibi Steels         Mau             No. J.11011/46/96-IA II(I)              Methane gas generated should be
                        Ltd. (Chemical          Uttar Pradesh   dated 29.04.97                          used as fuel in the boiler to the
                        Division)                                                                       maximum extent feasible.

36.     Manufacture of  M/s Brakes              Polambakkam     No. J.11012/85/96-IA II         1.      Adequate dust extractin system
        Brakes Systems  India Ltd.              Tamil Nadu      dated 29.04.97                          should be provided for collection of
        and Brake                                                                                       asbestos dust so as to ensure that
        Shoes                                                                                           the concentration of asbestos fiber
                                                                                                        in the work zone environment does
                                                                                                        not exceed the norm of 2 fibers/cc.
                                                                                                2.      The work zone area should be
                                                                                                        regularly monitored for asbestos
                                                                                                        dust and record maintained.
                                                                                                        used as fuel in the boiler to the 
                                                                                                        maximum extent feasible.

37.     Expansion of    M/s Hindustan           V'patnam        No. J.11011/22/94-IA II         1.      Sulphur recovery units with more
        Visakh Refinery Petroleum               Andhra          dted 30.05.95                           than 99% efficiency for sulphur
        from 4.5 to 7.5 Corporation             Pradesh                                                 recovery should be provided.
        MMTPA of HPCL   Ltd.                                                                    2.      Low NOX burners to avoid
                                                                                                        excessive formulation of NOX
                                                                                                        should be provided.

1.9 Mining Projects

Sl      Name of the Project     Proponent               Location        Authority and                   Remarks
No.                                                                     Date of approval

1.      Sejhatta - Hinouti      M/s Prism Cement        Satna           No. J-11015/37/96-              The topsoil and OB jumps        
        Limestone Mine          Limited                 Madhya          IA.II(M)                        should be stacked in earmarked
                                                        Pradesh         dated 31.12.96                  dump sites. Garland drains
                                                                                                        should be constructed
                                                                                                        downstream to the existing nala
                                                                                                        system to safeguard the mine faces.

2.      Environment             M/s Steel Authority     Singhbhum(W)    No.J.11051/1796-IA.II(M)        No change in mining technology
        Management Plant of     Of India                Bihar           dated 06.01.97                  and scope of work should be 
        Kiriburu and                                                                                    made without prior approval of
        Meghahatuburu Iron                                                                              the MOEF.
        Ore Project

2.0 Miscellaneous Project

Environmental clearance has been issued in this sector for six projects. These projects are:

  1. "Widening and Strengthening of Andhra Pradesh State Highways" vide ministry's OM No. J-21012/12/96-IA. III dated 05.03.97.

  2. "Setting up of a Captive jetty at Piparav, Amreli District, Gujarat by M/s Metdist Industries Ltd. vide letter No. J-16011/19/96-IA. III dated 13.03.97.

  3. "Installation of Single Point mooring (SPM) System and Associated Facilities" for Dabhol Power Project at Anjanvel, Taluka Guhagar, Distt. Ratnagiri, Maharashtra vide letter No. J-16011/1/97-IA. III dated 21.03.97.

  4. "Construction of Captive Berth" in Village Kovaya, Taluka Rajula, District Amreli, Gujarat by Larsen & Tubro Ltd. Vide letter No. J-16011/21/93-IA. III dated 22.04.97.

  5. "Construction of Hotel" by M/s Star Beach Resort in Village Colva, Goa vide letter No. J-19011.18.94/IA-III dated 20.06.97.

  6. "Construction of Lighted bacon" at Kabra Island, Little Nicobar and Cambell Bay, Andaman & Nicobar Islands by Ministry of Shipping and Transport (Dept. of Lighthouses & Light Ships) vide letter No. 21011/2/96-IA-III dated 24.06.97.