The last decade has witnessed tremendous increase in the level of public awareness in our country about the state of environment, forests, wildlife and conservation of natural resources. Social workers, academecians, Non- Governmental Organisations and other voluntary bodies are expected to play an active, vigilant and constructive role in this regard. For this purpose, they must have access to authentic information. There is also a great demand for right to information which, I believe, is essential for empowering our civil society for the protection of the environment.

The Ministry of Environment and Forests has been conscious of the need to disseminate information and has been communicating with all concerned through print, audio-visual and electronic media. However, more is required to be done for dissemination of updated information on important policies, amendments to existing laws and rules, enactment of new Acts, other crucial notifications published on various occasions, initiation of new schemes/programmes etc., at regular intervals to reach out to the planners, administrators, scientists, research scholars, students and the civil society in general. This need is proposed to be met through the medium of a quarterly newsletter "ENVIRO NEWS" to be published by the Ministry, the first issue of which is being released now.

I am happy that this initiative is coinciding with the celebrations commemorating 50 years of our Independence. It is my sincere hope that this would lead to better awareness, understanding, analysis and planning relating to the environment.



Place : New Delhi
Date : August 7, 1997