Meetings and Major Decisions Relating to Montreal Protocol

S.No.   Meetings relating to the                Important Decisions taken
        Montreal Protocol held in Cairo
        7-24 November, 1998 
1.      VII Meeting of the Sub-Group on         The Technical Audit Team presented their mid term progress report
        Production Sector (November 9, 1998)    to the members of the Sub-Group and a decision was taken that the
                                                World Bank may visit all plants producing CFCs and prepare a
                                                gradual closure project for India for submission to the Executive
                                                Committee at its meeting in March 1999.
2.      15th Project Review Sub-Committee       The Sub-Committee approved 10 projects from India for US$ 1,392,052.
        Meeting, Chaired by Shri Vinod          These projects will, on completion, phase out 187.0 ODP tonnes.
        Vaish, Special Secretary (E&F)
        (November 9-10, 1998)                   Simplified methodology of determining the incremental operating cost
                                                for compressors was finalised.  It was decided to implement this
                                                decision for one year, after which its impact could be assessed and
                                                the issue brought again to the attention of the Executive Committee
                                                for further guidance.

                                                The issue of baseline equipment was discussed in the meeting and
                                                it was decided that unavoidable technological upgradation was to
                                                be taken into account in determining eligible incremental costs.
                                                These guidelines would also be applied for a period of one year,
                                                after which the issue could be brought again to the Executive
                                                Committee for further guidance.

                                                In respect of retrofit of commercial refrigeration equipment,
                                                it was recommended that the Secretariat, in conjunction with the
                                                World Bank, should prepare a paper on the circumstances under
                                                which the Committee could consider the projects of Article 5
                                                countries to retrofit commercial refrigeration appliances and
                                                on how the incremental costs of such projects should be
                                                calculated.  This paper would be considered in the next meeting
                                                of the Sub-Committee.
3.      26th Executive Committee Meeting        A draft proposal on eligibility of funding for projects of
        (November 11-13, 1998)                  enterprises in agricultural sector, using ODS to produce
                                                commodities for export by Sri Lanka as a member of the
                                                delegation, was submitted for consideration.  It was decided
                                                that this would be an agenda item for discussion at the XXVII
                                                Meeting of ExCom.

                                                India has been elected as member and Vice-Chairman of the
                                                Executive Committee for 1999.
4.      Technology Transfer Meeting             The developed countries did not agree to the suggestions of
        (November 18, 1998)                     the developing countries on practical ways to remove potential
                                                impediments in technology transfer.  Further discussion would
                                                take place in the next meeting.
5.      Open Ended Working Group (OEWG)         Replenishment of the Multilateral Fund
        Chaired by Shri Vishwanath Anand,
        Secretary, MOEF                         Terms of Reference for the next Replenishment of the Multilateral
        (November 18-20, 1998)                  Fund 2000-2002 were discussed.  It was decided that the TEAP
                                                study should include several controlled substances that were
                                                not included in the 1996 study and would employ more refined
                                                models with more data, including sensitivity analysis, in order
                                                to look at the impact on replenishment scenarios of differences
                                                in the key parameters.  The production sector would receive more
                                                attention and the implications for replenishments in future
                                                periods would be highlighted.

                                                Process Agents

                                                Some pharmaceutical, rubber and pesticide manufacturing industries
                                                are using Carbon Tetrachloride, which is an Ozone Depleting
                                                Substance as a process agent.  Projects for phasing out could
                                                not be submitted to the Executive Committee for financial
                                                assistance, because there were no clear cut guidelines for
                                                approval of these projects for the past three to four years.
                                                This was caused by a deadlock situation between developing
                                                countries, namely India, China, and developed countries (namely
                                                USA and European countries).  However, due to a strong
                                                initiative taken by India during the Tenth Meeting of Parties,
                                                a decision has been taken which would allow projects for
                                                phase-out of Carbon Tetrachloride as process agent to be
                                                considered for financial assistance. This decision will
                                                facilitate many of our industries to avail of the financial
                                                assistance to phase out approximately 4,000 metric tonnes of
                                                Carbon Tetrachloride and help India in fulfilling its commitment
                                                as per the schedule given in the Montreal Protocol.

                                                Production Sector

                                                It was recommended that the Executive Committee would be requested
                                                to complete the task of formulation of guidelines for funding of
                                                production sector expeditiously and on a priority basis and also
                                                to further request the Executive Committee to facilitate the
                                                formulation of projects for funding of CFC production sector and
                                                their subsequent approval on a priority basis.

                                                Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI)

                                                Since the TEAP study has not been completed, no decision was taken
                                                on this issue at this stage.  It was decided that TEAP would furnish
                                                a study specifically in relation to implications on the patient's
                                                health and safety and affordability of the new technology in
                                                developing countries.
6.      10th Meeting of Parties                 Shri Suresh P Prabhu, Hon'ble Union Minister of Environment & Forests,
        (November 23-24, 1998)                  made a statement during the Meeting. He emphasised that the Montreal
                                                Protocol is a successful model of global environmental cooperation.
                                                Highlighting India's commitment to the Protocol, he said that India
                                                would be able to fulfill its commitment to the first freeze level of
                                                July 01, 1999 in consumption and production sectors.

                                                India has been elected as member and Vice-Chairman of the Executive
                                                Committee for 1999.