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Sacred Groves

Sacred Groves are no freaks and have been the products of evolution of human societies. These have given services to the households and communities which the expanding settlements could not provide. Leaving aside their relevance to the biodiversity conservation, in a down to earth consideration, sacred groves could be relevant to current societies as well, specially to abate or neutralise pollution. Eco-values of the sampled groves were computed vis--vis the potential values with 200 mature trees per hectare and their economic value could range from Rs 0.54 to Rs 72.80 lakhs. Further, the ability to absorb Carbon-di-oxide and to release oxygen could alone justify investment decisions on the preservation of the existing sacred groves and establishment of a network of sanctified green areas to counter the increasing health hazards due to pollution of air, water and land.

Sacred groves could be used as a catalyst or spring board to promote the decentralised movement/initiative and participation of households in afforestation and greening programmes, thus enhancing sustainability of the same.