Shri Baalu Calls for Active North-South Cooperation on Environmental Issues

Minister of Environment and Forests, Shri T.R. Baalu has called for active North-South cooperation to address the issues of global environmental problems. Chairing the Session on "Global Atmospheric Problems For The 21st Century", organised by the Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI) in New Delhi on February 19, 2000. Shri Baalu said that various international conventions enjoin developed countries to transfer technologies to developing countries which require state-of-the-art environmentally sound technologies in many areas.

Observing that there have been no appreciable efforts from developed countries to transfer clean and cost-effective technologies to developing countries, the Minister pointed out that some of the steps we take nationally to control pollution will also help the global environment. He said that global warming and climate change is an environmental threat of many dimensions, which would require an active cooperation from nations, particularly from developed countries, to mitigate green house gas emissions.

Stating that developing countries, including India, will bear the brunt of any adverse effects of climate change, Shri Baalu pointed out that the poor, the marginal farmers and the landless agricultural labourers would be the most vulnerable sections of the society to be affected by such changes.

Disclosing that an urban afforestation programme in selected cities would be launched very soon, Shri Baalu said that this would trigger off similar activities in other cities. This urban greenbelt programme would involve the active participation of various sections of society, municipal and educational institutions, the Minister added.