Environmental Clearance

The information on the projects accorded environmental clearance is given below :

Sector : Mining Projects

Sl. No.

Name of Projects



Authority and Date of Approval



Opencast Slatestone Mine

M/s Richa Mathur

District Alwar, Rajasthan

A-15011/22/99-IA.II(M) dated Feb 11, 2000

Mining should be started from top of the hillock by making benches instead of stating from the bottom of the hill. Excavation should not go beyond the ground level.

Project authorities should undertake plantation in the peripheral area and along the approach roads for suppression of dust. Non-mineralized area should also be brought progressively under tree cover.


Masonry Stone Mines

M/s Shankar Industrial

District Alwar, Rajasthan

A-15011/11/99-IA.II(M) dated Feb 11, 2000

Project authority should scientifically reclaim/ rehabilitate the mined out area in consultation with the Central Arid Zone Research Institute, Jodhpur. Plantation should also be raised on benches. Maintenance of plantation should be carried out till the crown of the trees is achieved above the grazing level.

Crushing operation should be carried out with adequate air pollution control measure.


Sutrapada limestone mining project

Gujarat Heavy Chemical Limited

District Junagarh, Gujarat

J-15012/17/99-IA.II(M) dated Feb 11, 2000

Topsoil should be stacked properly with adequate measures at earmarked site. It should be used for reclamation and rehabilitation of mined out area.

OB dumps should be stacked at earmarked dump site(s) only and should not be kept for long period.


Underground Barytes Mine

M/s Shri Ram Minerals

District Alwar, Rajasthan

A-15011/10/99-IA.II(M) dated Feb 22, 2000

Regular monitoring of subsidence movement on the surface over working area and impact on water bodies/vegetation/structures/surrounding should be continued till movement ceases completely. In case of observation of any high rate of subsidence movement, appropriate measures should be taken to avoid loss of life and material. Cracks should be effectively plugged with ballast and clayey soil/ suitable material.


Sector : Industrial Projects

Sl. No.

Name of Projects



Authority and Date of Approval


Construction of Propylene Pipeline

M/s Andhra Petrochemicals Ltd.

Oil Refinery Berth-2 (OR-2) of Visakhapat-nam Harbour

J-16011/30/99-IA-III dated Feb 03, 2000

All the conditions contained in letter No.6123/SADA/99 dated September 06, 1999 from Environment Forest Science & Technology Department, government of Andhra Pradesh shall be effectively implemented.

Necessary clearance from the Chief dock Safety Officer shall be obtained before commissioning of the project and a copy of the same furnished to this Ministry.


Expansion of Capacity for Printed Circuit Board

M/s Indal Electronics Ltd.

Nanjangud Industrial Area, Mysore

J-11011/65/99-IA.II dated Feb 09, 2000

The gaseous emissions and SPM from the various stacks must be monitored regularly and monitored data submitted to SPCB and Regional Office of this Ministry once in 6 months. Further, organic vapours from the process incinerator stacks must be monitored for acid mist and butyl cellulose (VOC) and data submitted. The company must take adequate control measures so that the emissions and ambient air quality parameters are below the standards.


UP Refinery Project

M/s Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd

Lohgara, District Allahabad, UP

J-11011/18/99-IA.II(I) dated Feb 10, 2000

The project authority must adhere to the stipulations made by Uttar Pradesh State Pollution Control Board and State Government.

No expansion or modification of the plant should be carried out without prior approval of this Ministry.


Expansion of Pesticides Unit

M/s Tagros Chemical India Ltd

Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu

J-11011/38/99-IA.II dated Feb 11, 2000

The gaseous emissions (SO2, Nox2, HCl, Cl2, CO) and particulate matters, from various process units should conform to the standards prescribed by the concerned authorities from time to time. At no time, the emission level should go beyond the stipulated standards. In the event of failure of pollution control systems(s) adopted by the unit, the respective unit should not be restarted until the control measures are rectified to achieve the desired efficiency.


Sector : Miscellaneous Project

Sl. No.

Name of Projects



Authority and Date of Approval



Construction of a Holiday Beach Resort

M/s Brook Fields & Resorts Pvt Ltd

Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

dated Feb 09, 2000

There shall be no withdrawal of groundwater within 500 m from HTL for the purpose of the project. From the existing three dug wells which are located beyond 500 m from the HTL, not more than 50 cu. m of water per day shall be drawn from each well. The proponents should also make necessary arrangements for harvesting of roof top rain water.


Rajasthan State Highway, Project (Phase-I)

PWD, Govt. of Rajasthan


dated Feb 21, 2000

The Alighment-3, Kota to Chittorgarh which was proposed as part of this Phase-I project shall be considered separately as a stand alone project as and when complete information on that alignment is made available t this Ministry.


Swan River Flood Management & Integrated Land development prject

Irrigation and Public Health Department, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh

District Una, Himachal Pradesh

dated March 09, 2000

Commitment made during Public hearing 06.09.99 such as part chennelisation of Holi nallah and maintenance of proper gradient along with channelisation of Swan River by implementing the necessary treatment works, as an integral part of the project should be done.

The future cropping pattern in the proposed reclaimed area after construction of the flood embankments must be evolved in consultation with the agricultural universities scientists, agricultural department officers and farmers in the command area.