Tableau of the Ministry of Environment & Forests in the Republic Day Parade, 2000

The concept of the MoEF tableau in the Republic Day Parade (photograph given below) encompasses the overall environment, the spoilt environment by the human race and the sustainable development with least effect on environment.

All living creatures that live on the only known planet to sustain life, including humans, have been and shall always depend on mother nature for their existence. This nature is delicate and is fragile.

The concept depicts the globe and its basic elements namely earth, sky, air, water and energy in their pristine beauty and brilliant shining colours with the biological diversity that exists on it.

The humans who have lived for centuries in harmony with nature, taking from it for their need and not for their greed, are also reflected on the tableau.

The concept also depicts a contrast of destruction of environment. It is a contrast between life and death. It is a contrast between today and tomorrow if we do not stop the brutality, in the name of progress, that man has inflicted on nature.

The pollution, the global warming, the acid rain, the deforestation and a complete disregard for severe changes will adversely effect the very existence of mankind on this earth. Humanity is choking the system that feeds and nourishes it. Humanity is not in harmony with its environment.

The tableau also represents the concept of sustainable development and the harmony that ought to be, between man and environment.

The human race has to progress but without inflicting injuries on nature and all other living creatures, which are equally important in maintaining the delicate balance of nature.