E.K. Janaki Ammal National Award on Taxonomy

Recognising the importance of conservation of Biodiversity, the Government of India has decided to Institute E.K.Janaki Ammal National Award on Taxonomy. This Award is to promote excellence in the field of Taxonomy for students and scholars working in this field. The Award will acknowledge contribution of Indian Taxonomists who do outstanding work in Taxonomic Research relating to flora, fauna of micro-organisms. The eligibility for the award is as under:

(a) Outstanding contribution in the area of taxonomic revision of species/genus/family/order

(b) Outstanding original contribution in the area of taxonomic monographic work (assessment of overall aspects of knowledge of species/genus/family/order)

(c) Ability to recognise new taxa as evident by discovery of new species/genus

(d) Outstanding experimental taxonomic work in areas such as cytotaxonomy, molecular taxonomy, chemotaxonomy etc.

(e) Research experience in the field of taxonomy as evident by number of years spent in taxonomic research and teaching

(f) Experience in research guidance in taxonomy as evident by number of M.Phil and Ph.D. thesis guided

(g) Number of research publications including original research papers, review and popular semitechnical articles, contribution in symposia and workshops and books published in taxonomy.

There shall be no age limit.

Nominations for the award of suitable persons in prescribed format has been invited at the following address:

Joint Secretary
(Conservation & Survey Division),
Ministry of Environment & Forests
Paryavaran Bhavan, CGO Complex
Lodhi Road, New Delhi -l00 003.

The award shall carry Rs.50,000/- in cash alongwith citation and shall be given every year, usually on 29th December - the International Day for Biological Diversity.

(Prescribed format for the proforma for nomination is provided below.)

Proforma for nomination for E.K. Janaki Ammal
National Award on Taxonomy

1. Name and address of the nominee

2. Date and place of birth

3. Academic qualifications (Bachelorís degree onwards with University, year and subjects)

4. Field of specifications

5. Significant contribution:

    (a) Taxonomic revision
    (b) Monographic work
    (c) New species/genus discovered
    (d) Research/teaching experience in taxonomy
    (f) Any other details

6. Publications/periodicals etc. wherein the work has been referred to. Give citation index of the contribution as follows :



7. Enclose a complete list of publications in standard journals

8. Any additional information of relevance

Place :
Date :                                                (Signature of the nominee)