Standing Committee on Bio-Resources (SC-B)

T he Standing Committee on Bio-resources comprises of the following officials

1.   Secretary, Department of Environment & Forests, MoEF, New Delhi-110 003                    Chairman
2.   Inspector General Forests, MoEF New Delhi - 110 003                                        Member
3.   Jt. Adviser (Environ.) Planning Commission, New Delhi - 110 001                            Member
4.   Horticultural Commissioner, Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, New Dehi - 110 001  Member
5.   Representative of the Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources, New Delhi               Member
6.   Representative of Department of Bio-Technology, New Delhi - 110 001                        Member
7.   Secretary, Department of Forests, Government of Assam, Guwahati - 781 006                  Member
8.   Secretary, Department of Forests, Government of Karnataka, Bangalore - 560 001             Member
9.   Secretary, Department of Forests, Government of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow                     Member
10.  Secretary, Department of Forests, Government of Rajasthan, Jaipur                          Member
11.  Secretary, Department of Forests, Government of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal                     Member
12.  Secretary, Department of Forests, Government of Sikkim, Gangtok                            Member
13.  Secretary, Department of Forests, Government of 
     North Eastern Council, Shillong - 793 001                                                  Member
14.  Director, Forest Survey of India (FSI), Dehradun - 248 001                                 Member
15.  Deputy Director (Application) NRSA, Hyderabad - 500 037 (or Representative)                Member
16.  Group Director, Remote Sensing Applications Group SAC / ISRO, 
     Ahmedabad - 380 053 (or Representative),                                                   Member
17.  RRSSC DOS representative                                                                   Member
18.  Representative of NNRMS / ISRO HQ, Bangalore - 560 094                                     Member Secretary

Constitution of the Technical and Financial Sub-Committee of NNRMS - SC-B

The proposals submitted for consideration under the National Natural Resource Management System Standing Committee on Bioresources and Environment (NNRMS-SC-B) Scheme, as standing practice, are scrutinised thoroughly by the Committee, wherein the budgets projected by Principal Investigators (PIs) are also pruned as deemed fit. Added to this, the budgets for different projects are further pruned by the finance wing of the Ministry of Environment & Forests, which apparently is one of the main reasons for the PIs requesting for aditional funds. Further, few PIs have also indicated difficulty in meeting all the objectives of the project as originally proposed by them, in view of the budget having been pruned considerably. This was discussed in the meeting of the SC-B held on December 17, 1997.

After detailed discussions on the issue, the following sub-committee, named as "Technical and Financial Sub-Committee of NNRMS SC-B was setup :

1.   Shri Nirmal Andrews JS (NA) MoEF                           Chairman

2.   Jt. Secretary & Financial Advisor, MoEF                    Member

3.   Dr R R Navalgund, Group Director, SAC                      Member

4.   Dr D Pandey, Director, FSI                                 Member

5.   Shri S C Dey, Secretary General, Global Tiger Forum        Member

6.   Shri V S Hegde (ISRO HQ) Member Secretary SC-B             Member

7.   Dr A Duraisamy, Addl. Director, MoEF                       Convenor

This sub-committee would hereafter scrutinise carefully, on behalf of the SC-B, all the new proposals submitted for consideration under the SC-B Scheme, especially from the angle of their budgetary requirements (as against the scientific / technical objectives proposed to be accomplished), after the same are approved technically and in principle by the SC-B. Based on the recommendations of this sub-committee, Chairman SC-B, would accord final approval for the proposals for funding.

Constitution of the Forestry Sub-Committee of NNRMS SC-B

The Standing Committee on Bio-resources and Environment (SC-B) in its meeting held on December 17, 1997, considering the urgent need to holistically address the various forestry related applications / thrust areas and the great potential of IRS series of satellite for the purpose as well, constituted the following sub-committee named as Forestry Sub-Committee of NNRMS SC-B.

1.   Nirmal Andrews, JS (NA), MoEF                              Chairman
2.   Dy Inspector General of Forests (R&T), MoEF                Member
3.   Jt Director, Wildlife, MoEF                                Member
4.   Director, FSI                                              Member    
5.   Dy Adviser / Dy Sec Forests, DRD (MRA&E)                   Member
6.   Representative of Finance Division, MoEF                   Member
7.   Dr PS Roy, Head, F&E Divn. NRSA                            Member
8.   Dr CBC Dutt, Head, F&E Divn. NRSA                          Member
9.   Dr RN Jadhav, Scientist, SAC                               Member
10.  Dr A Duraisamy Addl Director, MoEF                         Convenor

The sub-committee, keeping in view the overall forestry related application requirements in the country, would work towards identification, formulation and taking up of concrete remote sensing application programmes pertaining to the forestry area. Further, generation of specific project proposals for forestry related applications, for consideration under the NNRMS SC-B Scheme and other feasible schemes /programmes as well, would be worked out/ensured by this sub-committee.