Pollution Checks Extended to School Buses

THE HINDU, JULY 27. 2002

NEW DELHI, JULY 26. Motivated by the tremendous success of the drive against private polluting vehicles, the Transport Department of the Delhi Government will launch an intensive antipollution campaign against the school buses and commercial vehicles, including trucks, during August.

What has been most heartening for the Transport Department is that 92 per cent of vehicles checked by mobile squads of the Department had complied with the provisions of pollution drive as compared to 73 per cent during October last year. Of the 27,744 vehicles checked till July 26, only 2,225 vehicle owners were found violating the pollution control provisions. A total of 1,924 vehicles were prosecuted under Section 190(2) of the Motor Vehicles Act for violation of rule 115(7) of Central Motor Vehicles Rules.

The Department also conducted surprise checks at pollution checking centres on receiving reports that PUC certificates were being handed out by owners of these centres without undertaking the pollution check. In fact, the drive had revealed that people had become more conscious about under taking the pollution check and were getting it done on their own. It was pointed out that many motorists, fearing action, went in for pollution checks during the last three days of June.

Meanwhile, the Transport Commissioner, Sindhushree Khullar, said that as part of the drive to upgrade the PUCCs, nine centres had been computerised. This number is expected to go up to 100 by the end of next month. The stress is on removal of manual inspection of vehicles and let the technology take over, removing chances of tampering or human error.

She said that all the school buses and commercial vehicles on Delhi roads would be checked for PUC Certificates next month.

The task will be undertaken by mobile squads of the Department in close coordination with the Traffic Police to ensure successful implementation of the programme.