‘White rain’ in Bankura

The Statesman, 30, July, 2002.

DURGAPUR, July 29. — Villagers in some parts of Bankura district were at their wits end when they witnessed white rainfall for two consecutive days.

Villagers in Khatra, Ranibandh and Shimlipal blocks witnessed a milky drizzle last Friday and Saturday.

The BDO, Shimlipal, Mr Purnendu Majhi said: "We have preserved leaves, plates, still bearing milky spots left by the drizzle. We couldn’t preserve the rain drops". The joint BDO, Ranibandh, said, "The milky drops however, didn’t affect the skin – there were no irritation."

Mr Samir Roy, Prof. of chemistry, Bankura Christian College said: "The presence of white oxide may be responsible for the white hue".