Sale of ‘green’ diesel begins in NCR

HT Correspondent

New Delhi June 30: THE GOVERNMENT today introduced ‘green’ diesel with low sulphur content in the entire National Capital Region which includes Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Alwar. Its price will be around 50 paise higher per litre than the diesel being provided hitherto in these areas.

The diesel in Ghaziabad will now be sold at Rs 18.69 per litre which is 54 paise more than the earlier price of Rs 18.15. The cost of diesel in Gurgaon has gone up by 49 paise to Rs 17 per litre from the previous price of Rs 16.51.

In Alwar the diesel price will be Rs 18.31 per litre which is 53 paise more than the earlier price of Rs 17.78 per litre.

The clean diesel has also been introduced in Kolkata where it will be priced at Rs 17.42 per litre representing a 50 paise increase over the previous price of Rs 6.92 per litre.

The ‘green’ diesel will have a sulphur content of 0.05 per cent. The diesel being supplied in these areas until now had a sulphur content of 0.25 per cent. The lower sulphur diesel has already been introduced in Delhi and its surrounding areas (NCT) and Mumbai as well. The step has been taken in compliance with the Supreme Court order to control vehicular pollution.