Karnataka Dept receives notice on waste disposal

TIMES OF INDIA, [27 June, 2002]

BANGALORE: The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) has issued a show-cause notice to the state urban development department for its failure to evolve a scientific way to dispose solid waste.

Bangalore alone generates 2,200 metric tonnes solid waste every day.

The board has threatened criminal and legal action against the department for violating Municipal Solid Waste (management and handling) Rules and Environment Protection Act. It has set a 15-day deadline for the department to reply to its notice.

The board on Tuesday observed: "Bangalore, the garden city has the notorious distinction of not having a single waste disposal site as per law. Even during the British time, there were rat inspectors to control the rat menace. However, in our state, the mismanagement of solid waste in major corporation areas, may be like a time bomb waiting to explode." The board has come down heavily on the department for its indifference and failure to identify landfill sites for disposing the solid waste. "Unscientific disposal of solid waste, sewage, plastics and hazardous wastes have polluted our storm water drains, lakes, tanks, ponds and parks," it said.

The rules were amended to make the urban development department chief responsible for coordination for scientific management of solid waste. However, no progress seems to have been made, inspite of several reminders, the notice added.

Citing the case of Mangalore where unscientifically dumped solid wastes have started polluting several borewells nearby, the board has observed that in cities like Hubli-Dharwad, Gulbarga, Mangalore, no scheme worth its name has been put in place.