MAY 28

DJB steps to conserve water

By Our Staff Reporter
THE HINDU [28th MAY, 2003]

NEW DELHI, MAY 27. With more than 40 per cent of the water treated by Delhi Jal Board being unaccountable, the DJB has taken several measures for conservation of potable water in the Capital.

Topping the list of conservation initiatives is the recently launched drive to detect leak-ages from the water distribution system and their repair and maintenance. Monitored personally by the DIB Chief Executive Officer, P.K. Tripathi, the Cell has so far repaired 6,050 leakages resulting in a saving of about six lakh gallons of water per hour, it is claimed.

Replacement of 40 gap pieces of various sizes of different rising mains has resulted in a saving of 250,000 gallons of water per month, senior DJB officials said. In areas where the Cell has detected large-scale leakages, the DJB has now taken a decision to replace the defective water pipe line. So far it has changed water distribution pipeline of 1,000 km.

For effective water audit, the DJB has decided to purchase bulk meters. Also, a consultant has been appointed by the DJB for conservation of water. The World Bank is already going ahead with its study for restructuring of the DJB.

Special emphasis on rain water harvesting by the Delhi Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit, has be-gun yielding positive results. So far, 190 water harvesting structures have been constructed by the DJB for recharging of ground water aquifers by harvesting of five lakh cubic metre of rainwater from around 8.5 lakh sq.m. of roof top / com-pound area. Twenty seven similar structures are under construction.