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Volume 8. Number 1. February, 2002
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Recommendations of the International Workshop on Ecohydrology

Abstracts of National Workshop on Water Quality

Recommendations of Workshop on Conservation of Rivers and Floodplains in India


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The sudden demise of Dr. Anil Agarwal, well-known environmentalist is sad news for our ENVIS Centre. He was instrumental in projecting Non-governmental activities in the field of environment including water quality, environmental policy and law. It is hoped that the organisation he founded, namely Centre for Science and Environment will continue all activities initiated by him.

Winter is always a season of seminars and workshops. There is yet another workshop on Water Quality being conducted by one of our faculty members. Hence this issue of the newsletter, with the organiser of the workshop acting as the guest editor, contains all the abstract of the presentations being made in this workshop. This workshop in divided into four broad catagories namely Surface water, Groundwater, Drinking water quality and Water quality modelling. Speakers from across the country and few international members are deliberating these issues.

In addition, the recommendations of the last workshop namely UNESCO-JNU workshop on Ecohydrology held in Nov. 2001 is also given in this newsletter. We are also enclosing herewith the recommendations of MOEF-JNU workshop held in November 2001 on Conservation of River and Floodplains in India conducted by one of our faculty members.

Further, a proposed draft notification on River Regulation Zone is also given for the response of the readers. Due to constraints of space, we have given only a few recent publications and workshops of interest in Biogeochemistry and Environmental law. As usual some recent news items of importance to environment are also listed.

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