a). Description : PAPYRUS - a specially designed software package particularly useful for Bibliographic database development and retrieval purposes. It has unlimited storage capacity and faster access to records in a database. The package is fully menu-driven which is imported from U.S.A. Papyrus has importing facilities from other database entries and the search is very fast. For example, using keywords like biogeochemistry, biogeochemical cycle, and sediment we could locate 878, 537 & 554 references respectly. The following are the few important keywords in biogeochemistry and environmental Law fields. The suggestions and additional keywords are most welcome from the readers so that we can include them in the keyword list.

b). Important keywords or group of words for Retrieval : Biogeochemistry, Biogeochemical Cycle, Geochemistry, Sedimentation, Sediment Load, Sediment, Suspended sediments, Carbon Flux, Biodiversity, Ecology, Heavy Metals, River chemistry, Phosphorous, DNA, Pollen, Palaeoclimate, Water Pollution, Amino Acids, Heavy Minerals, Marine Chemistry, Organic Carbon, Estuaries, Lagoons, Sewage, Waste water Treatment, Eutrophication, Biodegradation, Wetlands, Biological Treatment, Marine environment, Aquatic Environment, Particulate Flux, Anthropogenic Factors, Palaeooceanography, Water Column, Chemical Equilibrium, Dissolved Chemicals, Palaeoenvironment, Environmental Law, Marine environment.

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