Ph.D. Degrees from our School in the Current Academic Year(94-95):

01. K. Lenin Babu (1994): Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Contamination Associated with sewage Irrigation and Sludge Amendes. Supervisor - Prof. D.K. Banerjee.

02. Shiv Kumar Bansal (1994): Trace Element Geochemistry and Partitioning Patterns in Sediment Geochemistry and Partitioning Patterns in Sediment Cores from the Lakshadweep Sea. Supervisor - Prof. V. Asthana.

03. Jyoti Rani Ahlawar (1994): Modelling Air Quality in Tropical Coastal Environment. Supervisor - Prof. B. Padmanabhamurthy.

04. Binod Bihari Dash (1994): Modelling green House-Gas-Induced Climate Change. Supervisor - Dr. V.K. Jain.

05. Adhar Chandra Manna (1994): Molecular Characterisation of the Leucine Operon and Chromosomal Analysis of Azotobacter Vinelandii. Supervisor - Dr. H.K. Das.

06. Somnath Bandopadhyay (1994): An Ecological study of the Macro-invertebrate Community in a Floodplain Wetland. Supervisor - Dr. Brij Gopal.

07. R. Sreenivasan (1994): Modelling and Simulation of Meltwater runoff Process in a Himalayan Region. Supervisor - Dr. S.I. Hasnain.

08. Piali Chakraborty (1994): A Study of Turbulance Characteristics of the Surface Boundary Layer. Supervisor - Prof. B. Padmanabhamurthy.

09. C. Ravichandran (1994): Some Meteorological Aspects of Air Pollution at Delhi. Supervisor - Prof. B. Padmanabhamurthy.

10. Balaram Pani (1994): Speciation of some selected Heavy Metals in the Ahs Pond Overflow and Leachetes from a Thermal Power Plant. Supervisor - Prof. D.K. Banerjee.

11. Bikal K. Gupta (1994): Studies on fractionation and Characterisation of some organic contaminants in River Yamuna around Delhi. Supervisor - Dr. A.K. Bhattacharya.

12 S.K. Bohidar (1994): Mettallothionein Synthesis with Metal replacing in Proliferative Lymphocytes. Supervisor - Dr. J.D. Sharma.

13. Ravindra Pratap Singh (1994): An Experimental Investigation of Coagulation of Acrosols as a function of Concentration and Temperature using Photon Correlation Technique. Supervisor - Dr. V.K. Jain.

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