A special issue on Biogeochemistry of the Arabian Sea, edited by Professor D. Lal, was brought out by the Indian Academy of Sciences, V.103(2), 99-352, 1994. This issue contain the following articles :

Lal,D : Biogeochemistry of the Arabian Sea: Present information and gaps. 99-106

Shetye,SR; Gouveia,AD; Shenoi,SSC : Circulation and Water Masses of the Arabian Sea. 107-123.

Banse,K : On the coupling of hydrology, phytoplankton, zooplankton, and settling organic particles offshore in the Arabian Sea. 125-161.

Brock,J; Sathyendranath,S; Platt,T : A model study of seasonal mixed-layer primary production in the Arabian Sea. 163-176.

Sathendranath,S; Platt,T : New production of mixed-layer Physics. 177-188.

Ramaswamy,V; Nair,RR : Fluxes of material in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal - sediment trap studies. 189-210.

Sarine,MM; Rengarajan,R; Somayajulu,BLK : Natural radionuclides in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal: Distribution and evaluation of particle scavenging process. 211-235.

Saager,PM : The biogeochemical distribution of trace elements in the Indian Ocean. 237- 278.

Naqvi,SWA : Denitrification process in the Arabian Sea. 279-300.

Warren,BA : Context of the suboxic layer in the Arabian Sea. 301-314. Somayajulu,BLK; Yadav,DN; Sarin,MM : Recent sedimentary records from the Arabian Sea. 315-327.

Chakroborthy,S; Ramesh,R; Krishnaswamy,S : Air-Sea exchange of CO2 in the Gulf of Kutch, northern Arabian Sea based on bomb-carbon in corals and tree rings. 329-340.

Azame,F; Steward,GF; Smith,DC; Ducklow,HW : Significance of bacteria in carbon fluxes in the Arabian Sea. 341-351.

01. The Journal "Biogeochemistry has a number of key references of interest to our work. Some of them are :

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O2. In addition, some other key papers in other Journals are:

a) Bigeochemistry:

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b) Environmental Law:

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