This is the second issue of our Newsletter. The invited article has been contributed by Prof. J. S. Singh of Banaras Hindu University who has also suggested to rename the Newsletter as "Biogeochemistry Bulletin (JNU)". This suggestion is under consideration. In this issues, we have also reviewed a "Cook-Book" brought out by Central Water Commission for planning Environment Friendly Management of water Resources. A few important National and International Meetings are also listed. If any readers has attended a meeting in India and abroad, I invite them to submit a write-up after their participation about the technical details, Organizations etc. for possible inclusion in our Newsletter.

The Last Newsletter has received considerable response and we are responding to nearly thirty queries received from readers across the country after the first issue was mailed for over 200 Scientis in the country. Reader participation through the Newsletter is strongly encouraged. We can be contacted through email/fax address given elsewhere in this issue.

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