HYDROCOAST 95 : International Workshop on Water Related Problems in Low-Lying Coastal Areas.

A contribution to the UNESCO-IHP project H-2-2 which was held at Bangkok, Thailand during November 13-17, 1995.

The Workshop was organised by : the National Committee of Germany for the International Hydrological Program (IHP) of UNESCO and the Operational Hydrological Programme (OHP) of WHO; the National Committee of the Netherlands for the International Hydrological Program (IHP) of UNESCO and the operational Hydrology Programme (OHP) of WHO; UNESCO ROSTSEA Jakarta, WMO, ESCAP, AIT, IAHS, IAHR. This workshop is also a contribution to the International Decade for Disaster Reduction (IDNDR). The Workshop volume (359 pages) contains a number of key papers dealing on water related problems. The volume is available with us if anybody found interest please don t hesitate to write us. The contents of the volume is given below with page number :

Introduction :

Karl Hofius : Introduction to the workshop and importance of hydrology in low-lying coastal areas. 10-16.

Saskia Jalgersma : Hazards in coastal areas. 17-42.

Session I : Monitoring and mathematical simulation of Hydrological events

Marcel Stive : Keynote paper : Advances in Modelling of large Scale Coastal Evolution. 43-52.

Christoph J. Blasi : Statistical investigations of hydrological, meteorological and water quality data in the Ems estuary. 53-62.

Yu Dajin : Function of field investigation and mathematical/physical simulations in regulation of Qiantangjiang river estuary. 63-72.

Luang Thi Duy Hieu and Suphat Vongvisessomjai : Dispersion coefficient for salinity intrusion in the estuaries. 73-82.

T.S. Murty : Mathematical simulations of hydrological events in and around Australia. 83-92.

Ulrich Ferk, Gabriele Gonnert and Wilfried Siefert : Storm surges in the southern North Sea and the Elbe estuary since 1901. 93-102.

Chaoyu Wu : Artificial neural net model for river flow forecasting and missing data fixing in lower delta area. 103-115.

Session II : Changes in hydrological regimes and determination of litoral processes :

K. Kumaraswamy : Fluvio-marine sediment deposit patterns and hydrogeomorphology of Tamil Nadu coast, India. 116-122.

Zhan Wangwan : Yellow river estuarine terrace. 123-129.

H. Stigge : The local effect of storm surges on the baltic coast. 130-137.

John G. de Ronde : Design criteria along the Dutch coast. 138-151.

M. Mozzammel Haque, Syed Mohib Uddin Ahmed and Khondaker Abdul Momin : Coastal Embankments in Bangladesh and their effectiveness against storm surges. 152-161.

Session III : Operational aspects of combating adverse effects :

I. Radhakrishna : Protection of shallow fresh ground water resources from saline water ingression hazards in palaeo pennar delta region coastal Andhra Predesh: India. 162-174.

Iftikhar Ahmed and S.M. Saeed Shah : A water resources management plan in low-lying coastal area near Arabian Sea - Pakistan. 175-183.

N.C. Som and Debasish Som : A review of the sand spit flushing at a river mouth during a flood. 184-193.

Hitoshi Tanaka and Naoki Kuwahara : Numerical model of the sand spit flushing at a river mouth during a flood. 194-205.

Session IV : Coastal Management :

A. van Urk and L.P.M. de Vrees : Keynote paper : Integrated coastal zone management. 206- 235.

R.S. Rao, M.V. Ramana Murty and S.V.B.K. Bhagavan : Remote sensing aided flood hazard zoning in Pennar river delta, Nellore District, India. 236-244.

E.G. Gregorio : Batangas Bay, Coastal Development and its Environmental problems. 245-254.

S. Ramachandran : Remote sensing and GIS in coastal zone management in Tamil Nadu - a case study. 255-264.

George G. van der Meulen : Spatial reserch and decision support system for international coastal zone management. 265-274.

H.M. Zhou, R.J. Verhaege and A.A.J. Pols : A GIS-assisted Decision Model for Inundation Alleviation. 275-285.

Session V : Impact of climate change :

Nobil M. El-Fishawi : Impact of climate change on coastal zone and sediment transport, mediterranean coast of Egypt. 286-295.

Jrgen Jensen : Climatic change and design criteria for coastal structures. 296-305.

Jos‚ Jim‚nez, Agustin S-Arcilla, Piero Ruol, Michele Capobianco, Mirieille Provancal and Marcel J.F. Stive : On the defenition of the Reference Situation to Study the Impact of Climatic Change on Deltaic Coastal Zones. Application to three Mediterranean Deltas. 306-317.

Session VI : Specific Impacts due to human activities :

Volkhard Wetzel : The impact of extension works in coastal regions of Germany on hydrological and ecological conditions. 318-330.

G.T. Dharmasena : Water related problems in low lying coastal area of Southern Sri Lanka. 331- 342.

Debasish Panda and V. Subramanian : Impact of human activities in the sedimentation process of Chilka Lagoon. 343-349.

Shen Huanting, Li Jiufa, Zhang Chen and Xiao Chengyou : Effects of human activity on the Changjiang estuary. 350-359.

Salima Begum : Flood Prediction models for Bangladesh.


Environmental Monitoring Society, Delhi, India. Held on October 6-8, 1995 at Delhi University, Delhi. The Seminar was sponsorred by ICIMOD, UNESCO, Soil Conservation Society of India and BAHC-IGBP. Papers Presented in the Seminar can be Grouped into following Catagories.

Special Plenary Session

Keller,HM : Seasonal Characteristics of Flow Regime and Water Quality in a Small Mountainous Basins.

Chalise,SR : Headwater in Changing Climates : A Review of Hydrological and Relates issues in HKH.

Shafi,M : Ecology and Agricultural Land Use - Croping System in India.

Mandalia,LA : Regional Cooperation for Integrated Water Resources for Hindukush Himalayan Region.

Gyi,A : IDRC Initiatives for Highland Mountain Ecosystem.

Bahadur,J : Precipitation Characteristics over Himalayan HIghlands and Headwaters for Sustainable Regeneration Strategies.

Subramanian,V : IGBP - BAHC and INDIA>.

Michaelsen,T : Over view of Progress Made on follow - up to UNCED Agenda 21 Chapter 13 Managing Fragile Ecosystems : Sustainable Mountain Development.

Tiwari,MK : IGBP - START Initiatives in the South Asian Region.

SECTION-I : Rebuilding the Vitality of Mountain Environment :

Ormerod,SJ; Brewin,PA; Buckton,ST; Jenkins,A; Juttner,I; Suren,AM and Wilkinson,SM : Investigating the Biodiversity of Himalayan Hillstreams.

Haigh,MJ : Reclaiming Land Through Surface Coal Mining, in the Heads of the Valleys, Wales.

Roy,BK : Ecosystems with Special Reference to the Regional Divisions of India (RDI) and Other Studies : In Policy Making for Development.

Kunial,JC; Ram,SC; Singh,GS; Jain,AP : Environmental Assessment of Kullu Dussehra in Himachal Himalaya, India.

Tansiri,B; Sombatpanit,S; Warmit,W : Imigration of Hilltribe and its Impact on the Environment on the Highland in the North of Thailand.

Govindaru,V : Coast of Land Degradation in Forest Under Cultivation : A Case Study From Western Ghat Region of Kerala, India.

Negi,SB; Sharma,VK : Growth Pattern of Industrial Units in a Part of Southwestern Himachal Pradesh.

Mishra,JK; Singh,RPB : Health Hazard and Ecosystem in High Altitude Himalaya, India.

Rajalakshmi,N : Water Environment and Use Efficiently in Agricultural Sector.

Napier,TL : Socio-Economic and Institutional Constraints to Adoption of Conservation Practices : Implications for Sustainable Agriculture.

Farooquee,NA; Saxena,KG : Adoptation Conservation and Sustainability in the Highland Bhotia Society of Central Himalaya.

Singh,BP : Super Endemicity of Goitre in Mountain Regions, A Spatial Analysis.

SECTION-II : Environmental Impacts of Development in Headwater Regions.

Finlayson,AA : Terrain Analysis Methods Applied to Reconstruction Projects.

Das,SB : Environmental Impact of Development Activities in Hilly Regions of Bangladesh.

Schuster,M; Hubl,J : Impact of the Road Construction on the Pokhara-Baglung Highway, Kaski District, Nepal.

Singh,GS : Socio-Economic Evolution of Different Landuse Systems in High Altitude of Western Himalaya.

Amarasekara,N : Environmental Impact of Catchment Degradation : Do We have Sufficient Water Resources : Sri Lanka Experience Plateau.

Rajwar,GS : Environmental Problems in Garhwal Himalaya.

Upadhyay,OP; Dubey,RK : Natural Slope Instability in Geologically Disturbed Area and Its Environmental Impact.

Singh, TN : A Study of Blast Induced Ground Vibration at Dharapani Magnesite Mine Pithoragarh Himalaya, U.P., India.

Dubey,A; Nath,R : Erosion Problem of MIne Waste Dump Deposited During Opencast Mining Activity.

Dubey,RK; Nath,R : Impact of Mining on Surface Land and Headwater Resources in Lesser Himalaya.

Koshal,R; Goutam,S; Biswas,S : Soil Pollution in Sagar District : A Study in Environmental Geography.

Datt,D; Naithani,BP : Environmental Hazard Study of the Bal Ganga Basin (Garhwal Himalaya).

Sahu,R : MOuntain Ecosystems and Development Perspectives in Eastern Himalayas : Some Issues.

Singh,RP : Tourism and Natural Environment . A Case Study of Shimla.

Shukla,S : A Geoenvironmental Perview of Lakhwar Reservoir Area Garhwal Himalaya, U.P., India.

Rath,PK : Dynamics of Development in Goa : A Case Study of the Socio-Economic Aspects.

Tripathi,MP : The Change in Land Use System in High Land and Headwater Region : A Case Study of Pokhara Valley in Central Hill Region of Nepal.

Tripathi,MP; Poudel,GP; Bastola,K : Geomorphic Setting of Pokhara Valley and its Impact on Redistribution System of Population in Highland Region of Nepal.

Bhattacharya,S : Development Activities vis-a-vis Environmental Pollution in a Mountain Fringe Area at west Bengal Bhutan Border.

Yadav,HL; Yadav,RP; Yadav,Lb : Ecological Degradation in U.P. Himalayas.

Yadav,SM : Impact of Kosi Project on Headwater Streams Environment of Kosi.

Chintamani Ji : Impact of Development on Environment.

Section-III : Hydrology of Headwater Regions :

Herrmann,A : Integrated Approach of Run-Off Formation and Groundwater Recharge for Ecologically Sound Assessment of Water Resources.

Ohta,T; Ueno,K; Ohata,T; Koike,T : Water Balance and Seasonal Variation of Evapotranspiration in the Tanggula Mountains, Tibetan Plateau, Headwater of Yangtze River.

Ohta,T : Hydrological Characteristics and Water Balance in the Tanggula Mountains, Headwater of Yangtze River, Tibetan Plateau.

Chalupa,M : Strategies on Acidity Control of Ne KRUSNE HORY Mountains Watersheds.

Chander,S; Gosain,AK; Parida,BP : Impact of Land Use Changes on Hydrology of Headwater Regions of Ramganga Basin.

Rai,SC; Sharma,E : Land Use Change and Resource Degradation in Sikkim Himalaya : A Case Study from the Mamlay Watershed.

Sinha,TK; Tripathi,DN; Singh,RS : Study of Land Use Change of Headwater Region in Dun Valley by Remote Sensing.

Hocevar,AJ : Particular Problems of Monitoring Deposit from the Atmosphere in Mountainous Area.

Kostadinov,SK : Erosion Losses of Humus and Nutrients Depending on Land Use in the Watershed.

Johnson,RC : Framework of a Methodology for Classifying Sediments in Himalayan Rivers.

Hasnain,SI : Hydrological Processes in Ganga Headwaters, Bhagirathi Basin, Garhwal Himalaya.

Higgit,DL : Assessment of Erosion and Sediment Delivery in a Mountainous Subtropical Catchment, Fujian Province, China.

Yeakley,JA; Hornberger,GM; Swank,WT : Planform Effects on Simulated Hillslope Soil Moisuture Gradients in Forested Upland Watersheds.

Parmar,AS; Sharma,VK; Singh,R : Concurrent Snowmelt Runoff Models for the Beas System in Western Himalayas.

Rawat,MS; Joshi,SC : Hydrological Impacts of Landuse Change in Himalayan Headwaters.

Rawat,JS; Rawat,MS; Haigh,MJ : Headwater Hydrology of a Pine Forest Watershed, Kumaon Lesser Himalaya.

Upadhyay,B : Environmental Problems : A Challenge to Sustainable Water Resources Development in Nepal.

Li,YQ; Liu,S : Headwater Control in a Changing Environment-Challenges and Strategies.

Bhatt,KP; Saklani,S : Hydrogeochemistry of The Upper Ganges River, India.

Kertesz,A : Climate Change and Landuse Change in Central Europe.

Verma,RP; Singh,RB : Utilization of Irrigation Water From Hirakud Dam.

Section-IV : Environmental Monitoring in Headwater Environment :

Lal,M; Cubasch,U : Implications of Transient Increases in Greenhouse Gases and Sulphate Aerosols on Hydrology of Hymalayan Highland.

Adinarayana,J : An Approach for Sustainable Reconstruction of Hilly Watershed Using Geographical Information System.

Tiwari,AK; Kudrat,M; Manchanda,ML : Remote Sensing and GIS for Management of Himalayan Ecosystems.

Ghosh,S; Rana,U; Sen,KK : Environmental Monitoring for Sustainable Development in Pranmati Watershed, Utter Pradesh.

Pokharna,SS : Some Mathematical Models Which may be Useful for Better Understanding of the Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems.

De,NK : Remote Sensing and Field Research in Isolated Regions of the Developing Countries.

Kulkarni,BD; Nandargi,S : Frequency Analysis of Heavy Rainspells over Wainganga Basin.

Jana,MM : Soil Conservation in the Darjeeling Himalayas Using Remote Sensing Technique.

Prasad,H : Monitoring the Impact of Land Cover Changes on some Geomorphological Processes in the Catchment of Lake Elementeita using Remote Sensing Techniques.

Rao,PJ; Joshi,BC; Bhagwan,J : Morphometric Study of some variables from Nagnath Pokhori Area, Garhwal Himalaya.

Garczynski,F : Paradoxes on Water Data, Isotopic Analysis and Dowsing.

Srivastava,AK; Nishra,D; Kant,A; Chaturvedi,RS; Mathur,BB : Changes in Land Use/Land Cover and Hydrogeomorphology of Patna Region in Banda District of U.P. Using Remote Sensing Data.

Joshi,RC : Techtonic Environment and its Impact on Landforms (Outer Himalaya)

Munot,AA : Interannual Variability of Monsoo Rainfall of Simla and Dehradun in Western Himalaya.

Kothawale,DR : A Study of Rainfall Characteristics Over Hilly Regions of Western Ghats.

Kubota,J : Evaluation of the Effects of Climatic and Land-use Changes on Water Budjet on Three Small Mountainous Catchments.

Sinha,BRK : Impact of Rainwater on the Earth s Surface.

Section-V : Erosion Control in Steeplands and Bioengineering Applications.

Batajoo,AK; Maskey,DR; Howell,JH : Bio-Engineering as a Low Cost Technology for Erosion Control in the Road Sector of Nepal.

Varma,CRR; Sivaramakrishnan,R : Potentials of National Fibre Geotextiles in Bio-Engineering Applications.

Sastry,G; Juyal,GP : Mass Erosion and Its Countrol in Himalayas.

Juyal,GP; Katiyar,VS; Dadhwal,KS; and Joshi,P : Reclamation of Mine Spoils on Steep Himalayan Hill Slopes.

Gill,AS : Erosion Control in Steeplands through Agroforestry.

Farid,ATM; Iqbal,A; Islam,MS; Karim,Z : Erosion Consequences and Conservation Practices in the Hilly Region of Bangladesh.

Das,D : Problems of Soil Erosion and Measures for its Control.

Sharma,VK : Community Participation in Soil Conservaton and Control of Landslide Disaster in Hilly Areas.

Singh,BR : Soil Management Strategies for the Semi-Arid Ecosystem in Nigeria.

Critchley,WRS; Abruijnzeel,L : Terrace Rivers : Erosion Control Sediment Source ?.

Kostadinov,S; Markovic,S; Dragovic,R; Velogic,M : Erosion Control Works and Their Effects on The State of Erosion and Sediment Transport in the Kalimanska Reka Watershed.

Zlatic,M : Economic Effects of Investment in Erosion Control in the Hilly Community Rakovica.

Tsukamoto,Y : Sediment Disasters by Heavy Stroms in the Southern Japan in 1992.

Bajracharya,KM : Road Based Extention in Hills & Mountains of Nepal.

Singh,T : Biotic influence on Environment in Headwater Areas of Himachal Pradesh.

Section VI : Management of Mountain Forest/Community Aciton :

Dewan,ML : Empowerment of People for a Sustainable Society in the Himalayas.

Kayastha,SL : Conservation of Natural Resources in the Himalaya.

Wickramasinghe,A : Mountain Forest to Mitigate Environmental Repercussions.

Kumar,A : Germplasm Survey and Identification of Specific Fuel and Fodder Yielding Wild Shrubs for Propagation on Specific Waterlands of Garhwal Himalaya.

Rao,PJ; Bhagwan,J; Arun,U : Environmental Degradation from Slope Erosion and its Mitigation.

Mehta,MB : Human Treatment of Forests in Catchment of Sardar Sarovar Project, India (A Multi-purpose Project on River Narmada).

Sindelar,J; Frydl,J : Some Possibilities of Larch Inter-Specific Hybrids Utilisation for The Mountain Calamity Disaster Areas Reforestation.

Dubolia,NK : Community Action for Environmental Improvement in Mountains.

Khan,JF : Environment, Development and Land Use in the Hill Regions of Bangladesh - A Case Study of Rangamati Thana (Police Station).

Mikhopadhyay,SC : Sustainable Land Use Development in Mountain Environment (The Lesser Eastern-Himalaya), West Bengal, Sikkim and Bhutan.

Borgaonkar,HP; Pant,GB; Rupa Kumar,K : Reconstruction of Summer Climate During the Last Two Centuries over the Western Himalaya Derived from the Tree Growth - Climate Relationship.

Pant,BR : Land Use Pattern in Mountains - A Case.

Ekanade,Q : Alley Spacing Experiments for Sustainable Headwater Regions in S.W. Nigeria : A Preliminary Investigation.

Section VII : Sustainable Development of Mountain Environment (CIDA-SICI Experience) :

Singh,RB; Tingal,D : Identification of Critical Environmental Zones in Kullu District District.

Singh,RB; Mishra,DK : Dynamics of Land Use and Croping Pattern : Progonstication in upper Beas Basin.

Singh,RB; Panday,BW : Clearcut Harvesting and Hazard of Masswasting in Nakusp Forest Region. Hardwater of Kuskanaux Creek, British Columbia, Canada.

Singh,RB; Chauhan,GS : Landuse Change and Land Information System in Kullu Valley.

Singh,RB; Pandey,BW : Common Property Resources and Sustainable Livelihood in Upper Beas Basin.


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