We are happy to have brought out the third issue of the Newsletter. One more Newsletter is planned within the current financial year. We have maintained the format developed through our earlier Newsletter to the extent possible, The invited article is being published from outside our group so as to enlarge its appeal. In the current issue Prof. Martin Haigh, an authority on Soil Conservation and at present Vice President of World Association of Water and Soil Conservation, has contributed an article based on his European experience. He has a long term collaborative work in the Himalayas and is familiar with problems of India s environment. We have been receiving encouraging response from readers across the Country to our earlier Newsletter Suggestions to improve the Contents, format, frequency of publication, distribution network, etc. are most welcome. Dr. S. Annadurai, who is a Research Associate in this Project has been helping the ENVIS Unit in the Ministry of Environment and Forests in their Computerization work and technical training. We will be happy to extend this facility to others subject to funds being made available for this purpose.

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