FOURTH NATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON ENVIRONMENT. Anna University, Madras and Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu, India. Held on February 7-10, 1995 at Anna University. The Proceedings was published by Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences, Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India. Edited by Sundararajan,AR; Krishnan,LV; Surya Narayana,DS; Rajagopal,V; Mathiyarau,R. Papers presented in the Seminar can be Grouped into the following Categories.


Gopinath,DV : Effects of Ionising Radiation on the Natural Environment. 1-6.

Rajamani,S; Raghavan,KV : Mitigation of Environmental Impacts of Tannery Effluents. 7-14.

Pitchai,R : Environmental Technology and Science Education : Curricula and Career Opportunities. 15-22.

Mohan Rao,AM : Monitoring of Hydrocarbons in the Environment. 23-27.

Pillai,KC : Radionuclides in the Marine Environment - Inputs, Interactions and Impact. 28.

Surinder Kumar; Raju,RK : Environmental Impact Assessment of Oil Field Operations at West Coast Offshore Area. 29.


I. Environmental Impact Studies

Murthy,KSR; Sastry,KGK; Prasad,NS; Chaudhary,RS : Effect of industrialisation and Urbanisation on Visakhapatnam Environment - A Review. 30-34.

Krishnamoorthy,R; Gowri,VS; Karthikeyan,SP; Ramachandran,S : Study on Influence of Industrial Discharges into the Coastal Waters of Tamil Nadu Using Remore Sensing Data. 35-38.

Kiran Strivastava; Sriuvastava,KV ; Sinha,AK : Impact of Sugar Factory Effluents on Physico- chemical and Biological of River Sai at Rae Bareli - A Case Study. 39-40.

Debasusg Gouda; Sarangi,SK : Pollution Hazards of Main River Systems of Orissa - an Overview. 41-46.

Vandana; Singh,N; Sood,BS; Allawadhi,KL; Raj Mittal : Impact of Potash Fertilization on Uptake of Potassium By Rice Saplings. 47-51.

Nammalwar,P; Pakshirajan,P : Ecotoxicological Effects of Industrial Pollution on the Estuarine Greymullets with Reference to Aquaculture along the Madras Coast. 52-56.

Mohan,D; Sundaramoorthy,S; Ramachandran,S : Impact of Aquaculture Development on the Coastal Environment. 57-60.

Umashankar,PT; Somasundaram,MV : Towards Sustainable Aquaculture :Mitigating Negative Impacts and Alternatives. 61-63.

Sahab Das; Satya Prakash; Sriuvastava,MM : Studies on Cd-Se Interaction with Reference to the Uptake and Translocation of Cadmium in Kidney Bean (Phaseikys Mungo). 64-68.

Alex F.Joseph; Shaik Nagoor; Jayesh Parmar; Vyas,AV : A Study on CaCl 2 Induced Changes in Growth and Photosynthetic Pigments of NaF Grown Maize Seedlings. 69-71.

Shaik Nagoor; Alex Joseph; Vyas,AV : Toxic Effects of Cadmium and Mercury in Maize Seedlings. 72-74.

Abhik Gupta : The Acute Toxicity of Lead to Different Larval Stages of Cloeon Sp. (Ephemeroptera : Baetidae) and its Significance in Pollution Regulation. 75-77.

Vohra,AB; Arundhati Chakrabarti : Protein & Sugar Content of Microcystis Robusta under Chromium Stress. 78-80.

Dave,SR; Menon,AG : Bioextraction Amenability Study of some Sulphidic Minerals and Concentrates. 81-86.

Suresh,K; Ahamed,MS; Durairaj,G; Nair,KVK : Sand Crab Population as Indicator of Thermal Impact at Coastal Power Plant Sites. 87-92.

Satavanane,N; Satpathy,KK; Venugopalan,VP; Nair,KVK; Durairaj,G : Effects of Heated Effluent on the Distribution of Physicochemical Parameters and Phytoplankton in the Vicinity of Madras Atomic Power Station. 93-95.

Thompson Jacob; Jayapaul Azariah; Paul Appasamy; Gunnar Jacks : Impact of Textile Industries on the Ground Water Quality. 96-103.

Nalina Sundari; Chockalingam,S; Durairaj,G : Impact of Catharanthus Roseus Alkaloids on the Digestive Enzymatic Activities of Euphroctis Fraterna. 104-107.

Vijender Reddy,V; Rudrama Devi,K : Studies of Chromosomal Aberrations in Occupationally Coal Exposed Population (Coal Cutters). 108-110.

II. Monitoring of Industrial Pollutants

Krishnamoorthy,TM; Nambi,KSV : Concentration of Non-Methane Hydrocarbons in Industrial Locations of Trans Thane Creek Area of Bombay. 111-116.

Anand,SJS; Khanderkar,RN; Krishnamoorthy,TM : Estimation of Mercury in Environmental Samples using Radioanalytical Neutron Activation Analysis (RNAA). 117-120.

Sathe,AP; Tripathi,RM; Vinod Kumar,A; Khadekar,RN; Nambi,KSV : Study of Environmental Pollution due to Lead Smelter at Thane. 121-124.

Sudheendran,V; Pimple,KG; Rao,DD; Chandramouli,S; Iyer,RS; Hedge,AG : Assessment of Pollution Due to Oxides of Sulphur and Nitrogen at Tarapur. 125-128.

Tiwari,S; Singh,S; Kapoor,RK; Chaterjee,RN : Characteristics of Ionic Components in Precipitation Around Singrauli Super Thermal Power Plant. 129-132.

Prakash,TR; Krishna Bhat,D; Thimme Gowda,B; Sherigara,BS; Abdul Khadar,AM : Studies on Characteristics of Water Sources Around Kaiga Project Area. 133-135.

Maheswari,M; Marimuthu,P; Ramasamy,K : Simplified Kit For Monitoring Anaerobes and Their Products. 136-140.

Subramanian,V; Arthur James,R : Heavy Metal Distribution in the Yamuna River Sediments. 141-145.

Selvapathy,P; Lakshmi,D : Heavy Metals in Ground Waters of Madras City. 146-148.

Kothandaraman,H; Kulasekaran,A; Leela,R : Ground Water Quality in MGR Nagar - A Case Study. 149-153.

Abhik Gupta; Sushmita Gupta : Cadmium and Nickel Contamination of Sediment and Biota of River Barak From Lime Sludge Waste of a Paper Mill at Panchgram, Assam. 154-155.

Jain,S; Naryani,N; Salman,S : Seasonal Changes in Heavy Metal Content in Lake Receiving Domestic Raw Sewage. 156-161.

Ashawa,SC : Atmospheric Levels of Heavy Metals at Deonar (Bombay). 162-165.

Pallavi Mirajkar; Rajan Moily; Kulkarni,VV; Bhosale,VM; Krishnamoorthy,TM : Preliminary Studies on the Distribution of Heavy Metals in Thane Creek Ecosystem in Relation to Industrial Effluent Discharges. 166-171.

Parameswaran,M; Dang,HS : Mercury Exposure to Human System from Non Industrial Sources. 172-174.

Negi,BS; Sadasivan,S; Nambi,KSV : Element Source Emission Profiles from Domestic Fuel Burning. 175-178.

III. Monitoring of Radioactive Pollutants

Lakshmi,KS; Catherine,S; Kavitha Mishra; Meenakshisundaram,V; Iyengar,MAR : Study of background Radiation along the East Coast of Tamil Nadu - A Preliminary Report. 179-183.

Vishnu Prasad Rao,K; Linga Reddy,B; Yadagiri Reddy,P; Ramchander,RB; Viswanathan,S; Rama Reddy,K : Environmental Radiation Levels in Coal Mines and the Habitat of Miners - Andhra Pradesh. 184-189.

Narayana,Y; Radhakrishna,AP; Somashekarappa,HM; Karunakara,N; Balakrishna,KM; Siddappa,K; Kumar,S; Goplani,D; Ramaseshu,P : Indoor Radon Levels in Coastal Karnataka. 190-193.

Shahul Hameed,P; Shaheed,K; Iyengar,MAR : Impact of Impoundments on the Distribution of Natural Radioactivity in Kaveri River Ecosystem (Tiruchirapalli, India). 194-198.

Ramola,RC; Rawat,RBS; Kandari,MS : Preliminary Measurements of Radon Concentration in Mud Houses Using LR-115 Plastic Track Detector. 199-200.

Padam Singh; Rana,NPS; Azam,A; Naqvi,AH; Srivastava,DS : U-Contents in Various Water Samples of Kanpur as Determined by Fission Track Technique. 201-204.

Vankatraman,S; Iyengar,MAR : An Improved Method For Strontium-90 Estimation in Liquid Effluents of MAPS, Kalpakkam. 205-208.

Toteja,RSD; Sudesanan,M; Iyer,RK : Speciation Studies of Cobalt in Sea Water. 209-213.

Shahul Hameed,P; Somasundaram,SSN; Shaheed,K;Amanullah,B : A Study on Polonium-210 Distribution in Abiotic and Biotic Components of Gulf of Mannar, India. 214-218.

Nagaiah,N; Malini,S; Paramesh,L; Venkataramaiah,P; Raghavayya.M : Dependence of Po-210 to Ra-226 Ratio on Soil Characteristics. 219-222.

Geetha Sadagopan; Sadarangani,SH : Exposure Assessment due to the Release of Tritium from Luminous Painted Dials. 223-225.

Ramana Murthy,MV : An Instrument to Measure Airborne Radio Iodine in Nuclear Reactor Environment. 226-230.

Rajaram,S; Rajan,MP; Kannan,V; Iyengar,MAR : Environmental Radiation Studies Using a Portable Gamma Spectrometer System at MAPS, Kalpakkam. 231-235.

IV. Waste Management and Mitigation Strategies

Jaiprakash Narain,GB; Nagendran,R : Management of Hazardous Wastes - An Overview. 236- 239.

Satya Sai,PM; Jaleel Ahmed; Panicker,PK : Radioactive Waste Management at Kalpakkam. 240- 243.

Sashidar,P; Chitra,S; Lal,KB; Panicker,PK : Use of Backfills in the Shallow Ground Disposal Facility - A Site Specific Study. 244-247.

Khageshan,P; Govindan,VS : Anaerobic Filter for Treatment of Sago Wastewater. 248-252.

Dhaktote,SS; Ponnamma,MM : Use of Flocculants in Natural Rubber Effluent Treatments. 253- 255.

Murugesan,V; Elangovan,R : Biokinetic Parameters for Activated Sludge Treating Vegerable Tannery Waste. 256-262.

Gupta,SC; Varshney,CP : Self Purification of a Desert Stream Carrying Industrial Effluent. 263- 267.

Ratha,DS : Role of Cation Exchange Capacity and Organic Matter in Regulating the Concentration of Trace Elements in Sediments of Bombay Region. 268-276.

V. Environmental Modeling

Suryanarayana.A; Narayana Swamy,G : Modeling Aspects of Coastal Transport Related to Marine Pollution. 277-281.

Panchal,NS; Faby Sunny : Comparative Evaluation of Dispersion using Sea Breeze Fumigation Model and Gaussian Plume Model at a Coastal Site. 282-285.

Sastry,VN; Nair,RN; Krishnamoorthy,TM; Nambi,KSV; Iyer,PS; Gupta,VK : Evaluation of Discharge Limits for Liquid Radioactive Effluents Into Sea Based on Marine Exposure Pathways. 286-288.

Sastry,VN; Mahadevan,TN; Nair,RN; Krishnamoorthy,TM; Nambi,KSV : Radioactivity Standards for Drinking Water.

VI. Environmental Education Aspects :

Usha,S; Kannabiran,S : Basic Environmental Education in India.

Duraisaminathan,V; Somasundaram,MV; Pundarikanthan,NV : Consciousness Development for Groundwater Management : Education and Training.


THE THIRD EXPERT GROUP WORKSHOP ON RIVER/LAKE BASIN APPROACHES TO ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND MANAGEMENT OF WATER RESOURCES : Improving Water Resources Management in a River/Lake Basin Context, 12-17 February, 1990, Otsu, Japan and THE TRAINING SEMINAR ON RIVER/LAKE BASIN MANAGEMENT : Focus on Water Quality Enhancement, 19-22 February, 1990, Okazaki, Japan. The Seminar was Sponsorred by United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP), International Lake Environment Committee Foundation(ILEC), United Nationas Centre for Regional Development(UNCRD). The Programme was detailed in the Contents are as follows :


Group I : Integrating watershed management and water resources management, 3-9.

Group II : Managing social conflicts over the use of water among competing uses and users, 10-21.

Group III : Improving Policy responses to environmental and social effects of water resources development schemes, 22-30.

Group IV : Promoting training in water resources management in specific river/lake basin context, 31-38.

Concluding Statement, 39-40.


    A. Attendance, page 43.

    B. Opening Session, page 43.

    C. Organization of the Workshop/Seminar, page 43.

    D. Summary of Resources Papers and Study Reports, pages 45-80.

Anastacio A. Juras : Environmental Policies as Applied Electronorte: The Brazilian Northern Electrical Authority s Enterprises in the Amazon Region.

Chris H.D. Magadza : Some Problems of Watershed Management in Usufructural Land Use Environments.

Conrado E. Bauer; Lorenzo Gonzalez-Videla : The Integration of Watershed Management and Water Resources Management (A methodological approach).

David Mshila; Machooka,SM : Improving Water Resources Management in River/Lake Basin Context : Case Study of the Kenya s Lake Victoria Basin.

Edy Brotoisworo : Country Enterprices in River/Lake Basin Management : Focus on Water Quality -- Indinesian Case Study.

Enrique P. Pacardo; Floro R. Francisco; Nepomuceno,DM; Espaldon,MVO; Villacorta,LG : Policy Responses Towards Improving Water Resources Management in Laguna de Bay.

Floro R. Francisco : A Lake Basin Approach to Water Quality Management: The Laguna de Bay Experience.

Hidehiko Sazanami : Keynote Address : River/Lake Basin Approaches Management : Issues and Prospectus.

James E. Nickum : Management of Water Use Conflicts in River/Lake Basins : Insights from Transaction Cost Economics.

Jaroslav Balek : Planning for Water Quality Management in International Rivers and Lakes : Emphasis on Developing Countries.

Joel B. Branski; Elisabeth Monosowski; Alan D. Poole; Jose G. Tundisi : A Proposal for Integrating Regional Development Issues in the Brazilian Hydropower Planning.

Joel M. Branski : MCI - A Model to Assess Cumulative Socioeconomic and Environmental impacts of Large-scale Water Resources Development Projects in Tropical Areas.

Jose G. Tundisi; T. Matsumura Tundisi; Calijuri,MC; Novo,EMLM; Joel M. Branski: River/Reservoir Approaches to Water Resources Management : The Lobo/Broa Reservoir Case Study and the Amazon and Middle Tiete Basin, Brazil -- The Conceptual Framework for Management of Reservoirs and Training of Qualified Human Resources in Brazil.

Ken-ichi Nakagami : Sustainable Development and River/Lake Basin Management.

Koichi Imai; Masahisa Nakamura; Tsukihiko Kondo; Yoji Ito; Taichiro Uda; Takashi Otsuka; Michio Akiyama; Kiyoshi Nomura; Motokazu Suzuki : Development and Conservation of Lake Biwa and the Changing Roles and Responsibilities of Perfectural Governments.

Kudhongania,AW : Water Quality Management Needs in Uganda.

Lake Dianchi (Case study group) : Practice of Water Resources Management in Lake Dianchi Basin.

Michael M. Gernea : Population Displacement and Water Resources Development : Current Practice, Issues and Policy Responses.

Michio Hashimoto; Saburo Matsui : Keynite Address : Manpower Development in the Field of Water Resources Management in a River/Lake Basin Context.

Otto Soemarwoto; Edy Brotoisworo : Proposed Recommendations Towards Improving Water Resources Management in River/Lake Basin Context : The Saguling Case, Indinesia.

Otto Soemarwoto : Making Dams Work for Rural Development : The Example of Saguling.

Paktarawimol Phienlumplert; Surin Setamanit : Water Quality Management in Thailand.

Rapeepun Suwannatachote : Community Participation in Watershed Management.

Raul P. de Guzman : Towards Greater Participation of Local Governments in Water Resources Management - The Case of the Philippines.

Renzo Naito; Ryoji Harashima Yoshiro Niki; Masashi Hara : Consideration of Management System and Consensus Forming in River Basin Management.

Rokman Bin Joned : Water Quality Problems in Impounding Reservoirs with Particular Refrains to Water Supply Development in Malaysia.

Ryuichi Sudo; Morohiro Aizaki; Takehiko Fukushima; Hideo haeasawa; Setsuaki Yozawa; Masao Yokota; Takashi Nagai : Comprehensive Development of Lake Kasumigaura and its Environmental Management. Part V: Lake Comparative Study and its application to the management of the drainage basin. Part VI: Comprehensive management strategy for Lake Kasumigaura.

Surin Setamanit; Sunthorn Sotthibandhu; Paktarawimol Phielumplert : Management of Conflicts in the Songkla Lake Basin. Part I : Traditional and Governmental Responses. Part II : Community Responses.

Tequam T. Gebremarian : Water Quality Status of the Lift Valley Lake Basin.

Yasuo Shimazu : Training System for Soft Approach to Watershed Management.


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