This issue is fourth in the series and completes Volume one. Since a brainstorming Session on an IGBP related project was held in JNU as announced in an earlier issue, the present issue gives the details about deliberation, decisions etc. taken in that meeting. The invited article section will be resumed with the next issue. In response to numerous queries received from South Asian Countries, it is proposed to devote some of the future issues to problems connected with individual Countries, subject to availability of sufficient and substantiative information in respective regions.

The Ministry has also separately requested us to bring out a special Newsletter dealing with Court Cases and Policy matters on environment. Based on a separate budget, the first issue under this category is being prepared and will be handed over to the Secretary, MEF for their distribution while a copy of the same will also be distributed to more in the mailing list of ENVIS Newsletter. We plan a format change starting from our next Newsletter and readers are requested to send their suggestion for changes. Readers are strongly encouraged to use our e-mail system for rapid communications.

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