Dear colleague,

This would refer to the proposal submitted by you for the one day brain-storming session held in JNU in Dec,95 (detail in our ENVIS Newsletter V.1(1), p.11; V.1(2), p.11; V.1(3), p.18). As you are aware through the circulars I sent subsequently, all the proposals received were discussed at length in the meeting and certain recommendations were made then. In the international BAHC meeting held at Kathmandu in April,96 it was further emphasized, based on my presentation of activities in India, that all variables- hydrological / geological / biogeochemical - should be studied in suitable attitudinal gradient. For Indian situation, this would translate into either the Himalayas and / the western Ghats. I suggest we consider both these environments because of certain similarities as well as suttle differences in terms of climate.

Prof. Dheekshathulu, Chairman of the Indian National Committee of IGBP urges me to come up with a consolidated proposal for India instead of a number of disjointed individual proposals. Accordingly, I am requesting you to please submit to me within a month, your proposal reorienting it to either the Himalayas or the western Ghats. Your proposal should contain (a) relevance to BAHC, (b) objective, (c) methodology, goal to be achieved and (d) budget not exceeding Rs.10 to 15 Lakhs for a three year project. If you are collaborating with another institution, then specific task and budget for the same should also be mentioned. Please aim for a total 5 to 6 page document.

Only upon receipt of your proposal, I can go ahead with the task of making a single document based on all such proposals and submit it to the INC for suitable followup action. This note is being circulated to all who came and all other expressed interest in BAHC activities in India. Please have your documents reach me by 15/9/96.

Any readers of ENVIS Newsletter, interested in BAHC activities, can submit a proposal by the deadline with necessory details. The Indian National Committee will devide on the viability of your proposal for BAHC Program.

With kind regards.

Yours Sincerely,


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