Chemical Methods for Environmental Analysis : Water and Sediment

(by R. Ramesh and M. Anbu, Macmillan India Ltd., Madras, 1996)

Chemical analysis of natural waters and aquatic sediments constitutes an important part of environmental analytical chemistry. This not only involves the determination of the relevant parameters but also concerns proper collection and preservation of samples. A number of methods have been in use and standardised over the years for such analysis. They have also been recommended by various regulatory agencies. The present book is an attempt to bring together these methods in one comprehensive volume, which would mainly cater to the needs of graduate and research students as also would be of use in the R&D laboratories involved in such analysis.

The book is divided into two parts, the first dealing with the analysis of natural waters and the second, with aquatic sediments. There are six Chapters in the first part, dealing with all the important chemical parameters of water analysis. They cover major inorganic and organic constituents, trace elements, nutrients, etc. The four chapters in the second part describe the methods of geochemical analysis of aquatic sediments, their grain-size separation and x-ray diffraction characterization. The methods and their requirements have been explained in easily comprehensible manner. Also, the principles of these methods and some background information about the measured parameters have been discussed.

The book has been written in a lucid manner and put together well. The format chosen is "laboratory-friendly". It is hoped that the students and researchers for whom the book is envisaged, would find it useful for their regular analytical work.

Prof. D.K. Banerjee
School of Environmental Sciences
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi - 110 067

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