During the month of June, we celebrated The World Environment Day on 5th June 97. A special lecture was delivered by the Co-ordinator at the Botany Department, Delhi University celebrating their Golden Jubilee Year. The talk was titled Air, water and soil pollution - The state of our Environment . One of future issues will give a brief write-up on this talk. In this issue we included a special lecture delivered by Dr. Futrell, CEO, Environmental Law Institute, Washington, DC at the Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies as a part of their Environmental Lecture Series. It is reproduced here with the permission of the organisers. Two book reviews are presented : one dealing with the practical aspect of water analysis written by Dr. Silva of Sri Lanka and the other dealing with Mangrove Forests, published by the Institt for Scientific Co-operation, Germany. As usual, we have also included a brief about the National International Geosphere Biosphere Programme (IGBP) Meeting held in Bhubaneswar in January 1997 and also a list of most recent publications on Biogeochemistry and Environmental Law and fourth coming important meetings. Have a happy reading.

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