The present issue of the newsletter is the last one for the financial year 98-99. We have given a summary of the international workshop on biogeochemistry held in Jawaharlal Nehru University in Dec, 98. The meeting was a very good ground for potential scientific co-operation between a number of south-south countries as was evident from the participation of scientists from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Nigeria and Kenya and promoted by a number of the EU countries led by the German University of Hamburg.

One of the key decisions was to initiate actions on networking in these countries for exchange of data and references on river systems of local and regional importance. Hopefully this small effort will go a long way in promoting better interaction among scientists in this region with a common set of problems.

Problems of environment has taken such a turn now that police personnel even in far away places such as Gauhati in Assam have started wearing masks to avoid air pollution. One can imagine the state of air and water quality in urban regions such as Delhi! The need to develop a strong database has been felt for a long time and our ENVIS centre already has about 10000 references in our computer. A two day workshop on Bio-Geo data base, being organized by one of our Faculty in the school from March 4 to 5,99 is worth mentioning in this context for the fragile region of the Himalayan ecosystem. A similar effort may be needed for the Western Ghat and the Eastern Ghat region and also for the coastal ecosystem.

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