This issue of our Newsletter contains an invited article dealing with issues connected with landuse and related issues in the Gangetic plains. It is an important subject and is the focal point of a number of international programmes. Ever since civilisation started, there has been continuous impact on land but the pressure in the last few decades around the world on land demands greater urgency in organising research activities on landuse and climate change.

One of the key environmental issues currently receiving attention of the legal experts is the indiscriminate use of plastic bags in our society. While this habit is being phased out in many western countries, we seem to be expanding in this sector. In many of our southern states as well as in many small towns, generally people carry a sturdy bag when they go for vegetable shopping. Whereas in Delhi, this habit does not seem to exist. As per a recent news item in national dailies, while laws for the country wide ban on plastic bags is being framed now, on our part we should simply adapt "no-plastics" as a daily routine.

In the recent issue of "Spectrum" (May 1999) published by the British High Commission, Delhi, it was reported that commercial industrial plants for recovery of Cu, Hg and other metals from different types of solid wastes are in operation in U.K.. We have something to learn from these innovative approaches.

The recently held National Seminar on Environment at the Indira Gandhi Atomic Research Centre, Kalpakkam attracted wide attention from across the country and the book review section in this newsletter gives some insight to some of the key papers presented in the meeting.

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