01. Some Recent Publications on Biogeochemistry

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composition of sediment carbohydrates associated with intertidal diatom assemblages. Biogeochemistry, 45(3): 303-327.

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O2. Some Recent Publications on Environmental Law

Carl Tobias (1998): Natural Resources and the Ninth Circuit Split: Professor Tobias discusses the current debate ragarding the proposed split of the Ninth Circuit and the potential ramifications of such a split on natural resource issues in the Ninth Circuit. 28(2): 411-430.

Sarah Michaels; Robert, J Mason; William D. Solecki (1999): Motivations for ecostewardship partnerships: Examples from the Adirondack Park, 16(1).

Bennertt, RM; Jones PJ (1999): Modelling the impact of BSE policy on agriculture in England and Wales; 16(1).

John T. Lee; Mark J. Elton and Stewart Thompson (1999): the role of GIS in landscape assessment: using land-use-based criteria for an area of the Chiltern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, 16(1).

Bo-sin Tang; Roger M.H. Tang (1999): Development control, planning incentive and urban redevelopment: evaluation of a two-tier plot ratio system in Hong Kong, 16(1).

Kris Wernstedt, Robert Hersh and Katherine Probst (1999): Grounding hazardous waste cleanups: a promising remedy?. 16(1).

Eric T. Freyfogle (1999): The Particulars of Owning, 25(4): 574-590.

James L. Huffman (1999): Land Ownership and Environmental, Regulation, 25(4): 591-601.

Michael McClosky(1999): Local communities and the Management of Public Forests. 25(4): 624-629.

Sally K. Fairfax et al. (1999): The Federal Forest Are Not What They Seem: Formal and Informal Claims To Federal Lands. 25(4): 630-646.

Scott Kuhn (1999): Expanding Public Participaion Is Essential to Environmental Justice and The Democratic Decisionmaking Process. 25(4): 647-658.

Starla Kay Roels (1998): Borrowing Instead of Taking: How the Seemingly Opposite Threads of Indian Treaty Rights and Property Rights Activism Could Intertwine to restore Salmon to the Rivers. 28(2): 375-410.

A. Dan Tarlock (1999): the Creation of New Risk Sharing Water Entitlement Regims: The Case of The Truckee-Carson Settlement. 25(4): 674-691.

Lee P. Breckenridge (1999): Nonprofit Environmental Organizations and the Restructring of Institutions for Ecosystem Management. 25(4): 692-706.

Holly Doremus (1999): Preserving citizen Participation in The Era of Reinvention: the Endangered Species Act Example, 25(4): 707-717.

Robert A. Kagan (1999): Trying to Have It Both Ways: Local Discretion, Central Control, and Adversarial Legalism in American Environmental Regulation. 25(4): 718-732.

Cymie Payme (1999): Locl Regulation of Natural Reesources: Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Fairness of Wetlands Permitting in Massachusetts. Environmental Law, 28(3): 519-568.


03. Some (recently published) Books:

David Briggs, etal. Fundamental of the Physical Environmental, New York, NY: Routledge, 1998 (212) 244-3336. 557 pp. $100.00 Hardbound, $35.00 Paperbound.

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Michael Grubb: 2nd edition, 1992: EEP report (A4), 56pp.


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