This is the last newsletter for the current millenium. For a change and towards the built up of actual data base, we have included selected abstracts and interested users can view these and other abstracts through our web site address given at the end of the newsletter. We are also separately compiling all data related to C, N, P and other nutrients in the aquatic environment and it is proposed to bring out an atlas of these parameters for the sub-continent soon. Those of you not having access to electronic version of our Newsletter may please contact us and upto ten abstracts will be sent to them by post without any charges. We may need to make a small charge if too many abstracts are requested. We have also included in this newsletter some of the most recent notifications regarding environmental acts etc issued by the ministry.

Usual features such as recent references, important events, invited article etc continue in the newsletter, printed on recycled paper. Those of you having web site search facilities, please let us know if you still like to receive the printed version; we plan to drop their names from our mailing list so that printing costs and paper wastage can be avoided.

Happy reading and looking forward to a very safe (environmentally) and productive new millenium.

V. Subramanian


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