Listed below are some of the recent news items dealing with various aspects of Biogeochemistry and Environmental Law collected from various National newspapers, reports, etc., and the detailed news items are updated on the website on day to day basis and may be browsed at (

Environment fund. The Times of India - October 11

Are we inhaling disease and death? The Times of India - October 11, Chandrika Mago New Delhi

New weapon to battle extinction crisis. The Times of India - October 11, Patricia Reaney, Amman

National action plan on flood plain zoning called for. The Hindu - October 9, New Delhi

Govt. wakes up; water harvesting mandatory. The Hindustan Times - October 9, New Delhi

Delhi turns green as forest cover rises, pollution drops. The Times of India - October 9, New Delhi, Rahul Gupta

Dams must for nation’s progress. The Hindu - October 7, Kurukshetra

Shortfall in SW monsoon. The Hindu - October 7, New Delhi

Red Rivers, Bald Environment, The Pioneer - October 6, Rashid Ahmad

Garbage Disposal Problem May Become Acute. The Hindustan Times - October 6, Aruna P Sharma

Mysterious Disease Claims 5,000 Livestock. The Statesman PTI - October 4, Gopeshwar

Oil Spill in Indonesian Waters. The Statesman - October 5, Asia News Network

‘1 Lakh Industries won’t be allowed to shut down’. The Hindustan Times - October 4, New Delhi

Musk Deer Facing Risk of Extinction in Himalayas. The Asian Age - October 5

NIO to venture into research on gas hydrate. The Hindu - September 26, Visakhapatnam

The wasteland. The Hindustan Times - September 25, Charuj Jain

Yamuna: Delhi’s sorrow. The Pioneer - September 1, Kiran Yadav

Arsenic and a old problem. The Indian Express - August 29, Santanu Banerjee

Lake Ugly in City Beautiful. The Indian Express - August 26, By Sanjeev Chopra

Govt. unheeding, wildlife body urges WWF to save the vultures. The Indian Express- August 22, By Rajesh Sinha

Green drive to be intensified. The Hindu, August - 21, By Aarti Dhar

Government pushes rainwater harvesting. The Asian Age - August 20

Bihar flood toll goes up to 48. The Statesman - August 20

Tigers’ death echoes in Orissa House. The Hindustan Times – July 7

A harsh blow to white tiger project. The Hindu – July 7. N. Ramdas

Tigers’ death will not become Centre-State issue: Baalu. The Hindu –July 7

Protecting wildlife and people. The Indian Express - July 5, H.S. Panwar

Illegal Drawn fishing threatens ecology. The Indian Express - July 4, Press Trust of India

Rain water refuses to so down the drain. The Statesman – July 2, Nandini R Iyer

Madivala lake surrounded by encroachments. The Hindu – June 28, B. S. Ramesh

DJB served notice on polluting Yamuna. The Hindu – June 27

Sirpur lake faces encroachment menace. The Hindu - June 26

Politicians scramble for forestry funds. The Hindustan Times - June 26, Apratim Mukarji, New Delhi

Govt. delays pollution norms announcement. The Hindu - June 23, New Delhi, Sujay Mehdudia

Duststorm in the hills. The Indian Express, Express Focus Pollution - June 22

People’s involvement sought to save forests. The Hindustan Times - June 19, New Delhi

Killer tusker vanishes after death warrant. The Asian Age - June 17, Bishnupur, Kounteya Sinha

Govt. bid to encourage use of eco-friendly bags. The Statesman News Service, New Delhi, June 17

The great urban watering holes. The Indian Express, June 17

Massive green drive in July. The Hindu - June 15, New Delhi, Sujay Mehdudia

Can mere lip service save India’s vanishing wildlife? The Times of India - 13 June, Chandrika Mago, New Delhi

Plant trees, orders CM. The Times of India - June 13, New Delhi

Jhuggis along Yamuna put on red alert. The Hindu - June 9, New Delhi

Minister calls for steps to replenish groundwater. The Hindu - June 7, New Delhi

Forestry policy aims at new work culture. The Hindu - June 7, Dehra Dun, C.K. Chantramohan

Rising pollution is making Lucknow unlivable. The Asian Age - June 6, Lucknow, Amita Verma

Delhi air cleaner but There is scope for improvement. The Times of India - June 6, New Delhi

Section Plan 2000-01:Grow more trees. The Times of India - June 6, New Delhi

Encroachment leads to vehicular pollution. The Statesman News Service - June 5, New Delhi

Environment Protection fund to be setup. The Statesman News Service - June 5, New Delhi

Groundwater samples show high fluoride content. The Times of India News Service - June 5, Lalit Kumar

Tigers in retreat. The Times of India, June 5

Groundwater management: whose job is it anyway? The Statesman News Service - June-3, Mumbai

Sunderbans N-plant threat to environment. The Hindustan Times - June 4

High flouride level in water causes havoc in Assam areas. HT Correspondent - June 2, Guwahati

City gears up for World Environment Day. The Times of India - June 3

CEE plans paryavaran mela. The Hindu - June 1, Ahmadabad,

Model villages to promote water harvesting. The Statesman -June 1, Jaipur

Groundwater Level Down by 4 to 10 Metes. The Hindu - May 3, New Delhi

Court May Fine Government on River Pollution. The Asian Age - April 28, New Delhi

Plans Afoot to Conserve Rain Water. The Times of India - April 28, New Delhi, Rahul Gupta

SC Talks of Fining Govt. For Failure to Curb Pollution. The Times of India -April 28, New Delhi

Jamnagar Cleans Up Lakhota Lake. The Hindustan Times - April 28, Rathin Das Jamnagar

New Measures to Check Air Pollution. The Hindu - April 24, New Delhi, Sujay Mehdudia

Jamuna A ‘Healthier’ River Now. Devirupa Mitra. Statesman News Service -April 24, New Delhi

Ground Water Contamination Threaten Delhi’ites. Statesman News Service - April 24, New Delhi, Shoma Chakraborty

As Water Level Ebbs, Food Vanishes Too. The Hindustan Times - April 24, Kothi Colony (Ersama), Debabrata Mohanty

Adversity Fails to Bridge Social Divide. The Hindustan Times - April 23, Akshaya Mukul Arbi Ki Gafan (Barmer)

Nandan Kanan Park Reopened. The Hindu - April 21, Bhubaneswar

11 Arrested for Violating Court Order on Yamuna. The Asian Age - April 20, New Delhi

People Risk Lives for Water as Worst-Ever Drought Grips North Gujarat, Rajasthan. The Indian Express - April 18, Rajkot, Janyala Sreenivas

Air Quality Improves. Express News Service - April 17, New Delhi

Festivities Leave River Awash With Refuse. The Times of India - April 13, New Delhi, Rahul Gupta

CAG raps Govt. Over Yamuna Pollution. The Hindustan Times - April 12, New Delhi, Aradhana Kalia

Major Drive for Cleaning Yamuna Launched. The Hindu - April 9, New Delhi

Plastic Bags Killing Cows in Lucknow. The Asian Age - April 8, Lucknow, Amita Verma

Concern Over Pollution in Nainital Lake. The Hindu - April 6, Pantnagar (UP),

Govt’s Sewage Management Flayed. Statesman News Service - April 6, New Delhi

India’s Tiger Population Declining Says UN Report. The Indian Express April 4, London, Anjali Modi

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