A full two months before the killer earthquake struck Gujarat, we had organised an international workshop on various types of Geoenvironmental Hazards. One of the papers dealing with earthquake mitigation presented there is included here for readers reference. Our website contains the full papers of all presentations made during the 3 days workshop. Currently in Delhi, there are two key issues of environment that are receiving wide publicity as well as judicial scrutiny. One relates to the shifting of polluting industrial units of Delhi to nearby sites selected for that purpose and the other is related to the Delhi mass transport or lack of it involving the green fuel CNG. In this Newsletter, Ms. Rawat looks into various steps initiated by authorities in response to directions from the Court. The CNG issue is evergreen without a viable solution in sight. That certainly makes one believe that "protecting our environment" is a costly proposition apart from being a long drawn process.

In this issue, we have added the usual futures such as recent publications, important environmental related News in the recent months and some of the recently held or forthcoming workshops. We were honored to have received a personalized letter from a Minister in the U.P. Government and also a visit to our Centre by the First Secretary Dr. Wells, US Embassy.

As usual, the complete Newsletter can be browsed in our website.

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