Listed below are some of the recent news items dealing with various aspects of Biogeochemistry and Environmental Law collected from various National newspapers, reports, etc., and the detailed news items are updated on the website on day to day basis and may be browsed at (

Ganga fish a health hazard, The Times of India [March 12, 2001]

Greens against cutting trees on widened roads, The Times of India [March 7, 2001]

Europe’s dwindling forests under threat: WWF, The Times of India [March 7, 2001]

SC hauls up Medha, Arundhati, The Times of India [Feb. 27, 2001]

Afghanistan quake due to seismic activity in Indian plate: Expert, The Times of India [Feb. 27, 2001]

Minister’s decision on wild animals sparks controversy, The Times of India [Feb.24, 2001]

21 Peacocks Die in Sikar District, Vaartha (Hyderabad), [Feb. 22, 2001]

Check thermal power station pollution: HC, The Pioneer [Feb. 22, 2001]

Platform: Call from the wild, The Hindustan Times [Feb. 12, 2001]

Asian pollutants stain ocean, The Hindustan Times [Feb. 12, 2001]

Predicting earthquakes from space, The Hindu [Feb. 8, 2001]

SC postpones hearing on shifting of polluting units, The Hindustan Times [Feb. 6, 2001]

Many similarities between Gujarat, Mexico quakes, The Hindu [Feb. 5, 2001]

Magnitude was 8.1, says study, The Hindu [Feb. 3]

Role of plate tectonics in earthquake occurrence, The Hindu [Feb. 1, 2001]

Wake up call, The Hindustan Times [Jan. 31, 2001]

Five quake-prone areas in Delhi, says Study, The Hindu [Jan. 31, 2001]

‘Killer quake overdue in Himalayan region’, The Hindu [Jan. 31, 2001]

EARTHQUAKE: Ground beneath our feet, The Hindustan Times [Jan. 29, 2001]

The killer plates, The Hindustan Times [Jan. 28, 2001]

Quake-prone areas in Delhi, The Hindu [Jan. 27, 2001]

Quakes were predicted along west coast, The Hindustan Times [Jan. 27, 2001]

Earthquake causes major oil slick oft Kandla port, The Hindustan Times [Jan. 27, 2001]

Question of scale: was it 6.9 or 7.9?, The Hindustan Times [Jan. 27, 2001]

We for Yamuna meets up with those not for it, The Indian Express [Jan. 22, 2001]

How safe is holy water at Sangam?, The Hindustan Times [Jan. 19, 2001]

Seeing the forest for its trees, The Hindu [Jan. 18]

Crater linked to mass extinction of dinosaurs, The Hindu [Jan. 18, 2001]

Dead men floating at Kumbh, The Pioneer [Jan. 14]

Environment body asks Govt to kill CNG rumour, The Hindustan Times [Jan. 14, 2001]

‘Units sealed despite surcharged atmosphere’, The Hindustan Times [Jan. 14, 2001]

Saving the environment, The Hindu [Jan. 14, 2001]

Bengal bans lions, tigers, bears, monkey in circuses, The Statesman [Dec. 22, 2000]

70 more polluting units sealed, The Hindustan Times [Dec. 22, 2000]

Medha Patkar denounces policies against poor, The Hindu [Dec. 21, 2000]

Closure of polluting units trigger rush for Haryana, The Hindustan Times [Dec. 21, 2000]

Check dams failed in Gujarat: Expert, The Indian Express [Dec. 15, 2000]

NBA: Cite reasons for constructing dam, The Hindustan Times [Dec. 15, 2000]

Steps to control pollution yielding results: Baalu, The Hindustan Times [Dec. 15, 2000]

Lawyers move Supreme Court seeking action against NBA activists, The Hindu [Dec. 15, 2000]

Earthquake hits some Tamil Nadu districts, The Hindu [Dec. 13, 2000]

Moderate earthquake rocks State, The Hindu [Dec. 13, 2000]

SC orders closure of all polluting units in Delhi, The Hindu [Dec. 8, 2000]

Panel proposed for each river basin, The Hindu [Dec. 8, 2000]

Understanding climate change, The Hindu [Dec. 7, 2000]

Ancient continental collisions, The Hindu [Dec. 7, 2000]

Integrated nutrient management for neem, The Hindu [Dec. 7, 2000]

Forests can worsen global warming, The Hindu [Dec. 7, 2000]

Koyna earthquakes may become more frequent, The Hindu [Dec. 7, 2000]

Elephants destroy crops in Bengal village, The Asian Age [Dec. 6, 2000]

1.3bn litres of dirt flows into Yamuna every day, The Pioneer [Dec. 6, 2000]

Bengal floods were dam-made: Medha, The Asian Age, Calcutta, [Dec. 2, 2000]

Green lobby sore over toning down of the Plastic Bill, The Indian Express [Dec. 1, 2000]

Idea behind students’ science project is water problem at home, The Asian Age [Dec. 1, 2000]

Polluting units: Calcutta fails to act, The Indian Express [Nov. 28, 2000]

World panel doubts big dams’ utility, The Statesman [Nov. 28, 2000]

Industrial growth crossed estimates, The Pioneer [Nov. 25, 2000]

Masterplan change only to help non-polluting industries, The Hindu [Nov. 23, 2000]

Plastic bags, washermen bhattis snuff out Gandhi’s Sabarmati, The Indian Express [Nov. 23, 2000]

WB aid sought for water resources Project, The Hindu [Nov. 23, 2000]

European shipping pollution still ‘unchecked’, The Hindu [Nov. 23, 2000]

UN rules out nuclear option for cool earth, The Asian Age [Nov. 23, 2000]

Heat is on: Global warming to double deaths by 2020, The Pioneer [Nov. 23, 2000]

SC will not yield on polluting units, The Hindu [Nov. 22, 2000]

Environment Secy blamed for placing Capital under siege, The Hindustan Times [Nov. 22, 2000]

The NBA, the court and the SSP, The Hindu [Nov. 22, 2000]

Environmental ‘laws’ that change nothing, The Indian Express [Nov. 21, 2000]

UN climate meet for serious pollution cuts, The Asian Age [Nov. 21, 2000]

‘Amend Master Plan and solve problem’, The Hindustan Times [Nov. 21, 2000]

Commissioner blamed for hasty decision, The Hindustan Times [Nov. 21, 2000]

MCD decides to spare non-polluting units, The Hindu [Nov. 21, 2000]

Watered down, The Hindustan Times [Nov. 21, 2000]

Ravines slowly swallow up villages on Chambal basin, The Hindustan Times [Nov. 20, 2000]

‘Saurashtra was once green paradise’, The Indian Express [Nov. 20, 2000]

New lease of life for Chilka lake, The Hindu [Nov. 20, 2000]

What a Waste, The Indian Express [Nov. 20, 2000]

‘Kerala’s apprehensions on Mullaiperiyar not well-founded’, The Hindu [Nov. 19, 2000]

Goa’s laughing gas no laughing matter, The Statesman [Nov. 19, 2000]

The trickle-down effect, The Indian Express [Nov. 19, 2000]

Water walls damned by report, The Hindustan Times [Nov. 18, 2000]

Govt to go ahead with crackdown, The Hindustan Times [Nov. 18, 2000]

Periyar dam: SC seeks reply from Centre, The Hindustan Times [Nov. 18, 2000]

Laughing gas brings tears to west coast, The Indian Express [Nov. 17, 2000]

Petition rejected, polluting units asked to pay fine, The Hindustan Times [Nov. 17, 2000]

Fraces at Mullaperiyar dam site, The Hindu [Nov. 17, 2000]

Guidelines for future dams, The Hindu [Nov. 17, 2000]

Reptile fossil predates dinosaurs, The Hindustan Times [Nov. 16, 2000]

6th round of talks on global climate begins, The Hindustan Times [Nov. 16, 2000]

Too hot to handle, Australia’s Kyoto protocol review comes under cloud, The Pioneer [Nov. 16, 2000]

The killing coral draw, The Indian Express [Nov. 11, 2000]

GM corn keeps lowa grain inspectors busy, The Indian Express [Nov. 11, 2000]

Loss of tillable land causes concern, The Indian Express [Nov. 11, 2000]

The Greening of Delhi, The Statesman [Oct. 13, 2000]

Medical waste poses eco risk, The Times of India [Oct. 13, 2000]

Disaster prone nation gropes for remedies, The Times of India [Oct. 13, 2000]

National Day for Disaster Reduction, 11 October 2000

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