Some Recent Publications

[a] Some Recent Publications in Journals Related to Environment and Biogeochemistry

Allen M. Teeter, Billy H. Johnson, Charlie Berger, Guus Stelling, Norman W. Scheffner, Marcelo H. Garcia, T.M. Parchure Hydrobiologia, 2001. Hydrodynamic and sediment transport modeling with emphasis on shallow-water, vegetated areas (lakes, reservoirs, estuaries and lagoons). Hydrobiologia, 444(1/3): 1-23.

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Bixian, M; Jiamo, F; Gan, Z; Zheng, L; Yushun, M; Guoying, S; Xingmin, W. 2001. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in sediments from the Pearl river and estuary, China: spatial and temporal distribution and sources. Applied Geochemistry, 16(11-12): 1429-1445.

Brian Reynolds, Julian Aherne, Mike Hornung , 2001. The Importance of Selecting Appropriate Criteria for Calculating Acidity Critical Loads for Terrestrial Ecosystems Using the Simple Mass Balance Equation Jane Hall. Water Air & Soil Pollution, 1(1/2): 29-41.

Bu-Olayan, A.H; Thomas, B.V. 2001. Arsenic levels in the marine ecosystem off the Kuwait coast, Arabian Gulf. The Environmentalist, 21(1): 71-75.

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Cordero, E. C.; Kawa, S. R. 2001. Ozone and tracer transport variations in the summer Northern Hemisphere stratosphere. J. Geophys. Res. 106(D11): 12,227.

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Drysdale,R; Pierotti,L; Piccini,L; Baldacci, F : 2001. Cases and solutions Suspended sediments in karst spring waters near Massa (Tuscany) Italy. Environmental Geology, 40 (8): 1037-1050.

Eeva-Kaarina Aaltonen, Juhani Koivusaari , 2001. Impact of Ditching in a Small Forested Catchment on Concentrations of Suspended Material, Organic Carbon, Hydrogen Ions and Metals in Stream Water Mats Astrom. Aquatic Geochemistry, 7 (1): 57-73.

Efstratiou,M.A; 2001. Managing Coastal Bathing Water Quality: The Contribution of Microbiology and Epidemiology, Marine Pollution Bulletin, 42(6): 424-431.

Esteves, F.A.; Enrich-Prast, A; Biesboer, D.D. 2001. Potential denitrification in submerged natural and impacted sediments of Lake Batata, an Amazonian lake. Hydrobiologia, 444(1/3): 111-117.

Fen Huang, Xiaorong Zhu, Xuewu Liu, Jia-Zhong Zhang , 2001. Adsorption and Desorption of Phosphate on Calcite and Aragonite in Seawater Frank Millero. Aquatic Geochemistry, 7(1): 33-56.

Foussereau, X. ; Graham, W. D. ; Akpoji, G. A. ; Destouni, G. ; Rao, P. S. C. 2001. Solute transport through a heterogeneous coupled vadosesaturated zone system with temporally random rainfall. Water Resource. Res. 37(6): 1577.

Freudenthal, T; Wagner, T; Wenzhofer2, F; Zabel, M; Wefer, G. 2001. Early diagenesis of organic matter from sediments of the eastern subtropical Atlantic: evidence from stable nitrogen and carbon isotopes. Geochimicaet Cosmochimica Acta, 65(11): 1795-1808.

Geophys, J; Williams, J; Gros,V; Bonsang, B; Kazan,V. 2001. HO cycle in 1997 and 1998 over the southern Indian Ocean derived from CO, radon, and hydrocarbon measurements made at Amsterdam Island. Water Resource Res. 106(D12): 12,719.

Graham A. Gagnon, Peter M. Huck, 2001. Removal of Easily Biodegradable Organic Compounds by Drinking Water Biofilms: Analysis of Kinetics and Mass Transfer. Water Research, 35(10): 2554-2564.

Hitchon,B; Perkins,E.H.; Gunter,W.D. 2001. Recovery of trace metals in formation waters using acid gases from natural gas. Applied Geochemistry, 16(13): 1481-1497.

Hood, C.R.; Randall, A.A. 2001. A biochemical hypothesis explaining the response of enhanced Biological phosphorus removal Biomass to organic substrates. Water Research, 35 (11): 2758-2766.

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Huang, S.L. 2001. Cadmium adsorption by sediment in a turbulence tank. Water Research, 35 (11), 2635-2644

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Johnson, David G. ; Jucks, Kenneth W. ; Traub, Wesley A. ; Chance, Kelly V. 2001. Isotopic composition of stratospheric water vapor: Measurements and photochemistry. J. Geophys. Res. 106(D11): 12,211.

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Joshua Collins, M; Phillip L. Williams, David L. McIntosh, 2001. Ambient Air Quality at the Site of a Former Manufactured Gas Plant. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 68(2): 137-152.

Juan María Trigueros, Emma Orive, 2001. Seasonal variations of diatoms and dinoflagellates in a shallow, temperate estuary, with emphasis on neritic Assemblages. Hydrobiologia, 444 (1/3): 119-133.

Jung, M.C. 2001. Heavy metal contamination of soils and waters in and around the Imcheon Au-Ag mine, Korea. Applied Geochemistry, 16(11-12): 1369-1375.

Kai Piirsoo, 2001. Phytoplankton of Estonian rivers in midsummer. Hydrobiologia. 444 (1/3): 135-146.

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Kawakubo, S; Hashi,S; Iwatsuki, M 2001. Physicochemical speculation of molybdenum in rain water. Water Research, 35 (10): 2489-2495.

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Klove,B 2001. Characteristics of nitrogen and phosphorus loads in peat mining Wastewater. Water Research, 35(10): 2353-2362.

Klump, J; Hebbeln, D; Wefer, G. 2001. High concentrations of biogenic barium in Pacific sediments after Termination I-a signal of changes in productivity and deep water chemistry. Marine Geology, 177(1-2): 1-11.

Kuang-Chung Yu, Li-Jyur Tsai, Shih-Hsiung Chen, Shien-Tsong Ho, 2001. Correlation analyses on binding behavior of heavy metals with sediment matrices. Water Research, 35 (10): 2417-2428.

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Louati,A; Elleuch,B; Kallel,M; Saliot,A; Dagaut,J; Oudot, J 2001. Hydrocarbon Contamination of Coastal Sediments from the Sfax Area (Tunisia), Mediterranean Sea. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 42 (6): 444-451

Lyytikainen,M; Sormunen,A; Peraniemi,S; Kukkonen,J.V.K. 2001.Chemosphere, Environmental fate and bioavailability of wood preservatives in freshwater sediments near an old sawmill site. Chemosphere, 44 (3): 341-350.

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Marine Eutrophication: A Proposed Data Analysis Procedure For Assessing Spatial Trends Dimitra Kitsiou, Michael Karydis. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 68(3): 297-312.

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Wu, C.D.; Wei, D.B; Liu, X.H.; Wang, L.S.; 2001. Estimation of the Sorption of Substituted Aromatic Compounds on the Sediment of the Yangtse River Bull. Environ. Contam. Toxicol. 66(6): 777-783.

Xiao, C.D; Qin, D.H; Yao, T.D.; Ren, J.W.; Li, Y.F. 2001. Spread of Lead Pollution over Remote Regions and Upper Troposphere: Glaciochemical Evidence from Polar Regions and Tibetan Plateau Bull. Environ. Contam. Toxicol. 66 (6): 691-698.

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Ye, Y; Tam, N.F.Y; Wong, Y. S. 2001. Livestock Wastewater Treatment by a Mangrove Pot-cultivation System and the Effect of Salinity on the Nutrient Removal Efficiency. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 42(6): 512-520.


[b] Some Recent Publications in Journals Related to Environmental Law

Ansari, AH 2001. Free Trade Law and Environment Law: Congruity or Conflict? Indian Journal of International Law, 41(1): 1-43.

Ansari, AH; Parveen, J 2000. The Convention in Biological Diversity: A Critical Appraisal with special reference to Malaysia. Indian Journal of International Law, 40 (2):14-27.

Claussen, E 2001. Industry leaders accept the climate change challenge. Climate Policy, 1(1), 135-136.

Haites E and Missfeldt F, 2001. Liability rules for international trading of greenhouse gas emissions quotas. Climate Policy, 1(1), 85-108.

Desai, BH 2000. Revitalising International Environment Institutions: The UN Task Force Report and Beyond. Indian Journal of International Law, 40 (3): 455-504.

John S. Andrew. 2001. Making or breaking alternative dispute resolution?. Factors influencing its success in waste management conflicts. Environmental Impact Assessment Review. 21(1). 23-57.

Mehta, VN 2001. A Call for the Demise of the Present International Whaling Commission. Indian Journal of International Law, 41(1): 96-110.

Nasrullah, NM 2001. The Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources: A Critical Review. Indian Journal of International Law, 41 (1): 111-129.

Ranjan, S 2001. Legal Controls on the Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Wastes into India- An Evaluation. Indian Journal of International Law. 41(1).44-95.

Sand, PH 2000. The Precautionary Principle: Coping with Risk. Indian Journal of International Law. 40 (1): 1-13.

Steinemann, A 2001. Improving alternatives for environmental impact assessment. Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 21(1): 3-21.

Susan T, 2001. Measuring the effectiveness of environmental dispute settlement efforts. Environmental Impact Assessment Review. 21(1). 97-110.


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