It is worth noting that in this year of WATER (World Water Day, March 22), there is a serious water problem in many parts of the country including the National Capital Region. Extreme hot weather conditions is being seen in almost all parts of the nation and even the coastal regions that have buffering effect of sea winds have not been spared this time with the temperature going up to 49C in the coastal city of Vijayawada. Are we really facing the impact of global warming or it is just another erratic behaviour of our summer season preceding an anticipated normal monsoon? The invited article, abridged from an earlier publication, focuses on the Water scenario on a global, national and local scale to highlight the fact that now water stress is around the corner! Normal articles such as the book review, news briefs, list of latest publications etc are also included in this issue.

There were two interesting seminars, attended by many eminent lawyers in the country and involving citizens across a wide spectrum. In one of the seminars dealing with Environment, Protection and Law, many learned judges of Supreme court and High court made spirited comments on the legal aspects. This seminar was co-sponsored by our ENVIS Centre. In another meeting held at the India International Centre, the editor of this newsletter gave a public lecture on "River or Sewer?" stressing the public awareness on this important issue. This lecture was also attended by a number of NGOs, bureaucrats and interested general public.

The Honorable Chief Minister of Delhi Mrs. Shiela Dixit inaugurated a National Environmental Awareness Campaign with a theme on "Water" in February, 2002 at the Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi and the editor gave a key note address on this theme.

On this day (World Environment Day), let us all hope for a safe and healthy environment around us with a new determination and nature friendly habits and plastic free habitat so that possible harmful aspects of anticipated climate changes can at least be minimised!

Happy reading!

June 5, 2002.

V. Subramanian


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