Some Recent Publications

[a] Some Recent Publications in Journals Related to Environment and Biogeochemistry

Anawar, HM; Akai, J; Mostofa, KMG; Safiullah, S and Tareq, SM (2002): Arsenic poisoning in groundwater: Health risk and geochemical sources in Bangladesh. Environment International. 27(7): 597-604.

Anawar, HM; Komaki, K; Akai, J; Takada, J; Ishizuka, T; Takahashi, T; Yoshioka, T; Kato, K (2002): Diagenetic control on arsenic partitioning in sediments of the Meghna River delta, Bangladesh. Env Geol. 41: 816-825.

Dixit, AM and Geevan, CP (2002): Multivariate ordination approach for identification of sub-regional homogeneities in Gujarat, western India. Journal of Environmental Management. 64(1): 13-23.

Khan, RA and Payne, JF (2002): Some factors influencing EROD activity in winter flounder (Pleuronectes americanus) exposed to effluent from a pulp and paper mill. Chemosphere. 46(2): 235-239.

Maherali, H; Reid, CD; Polley, HW; Johnson, HB and Jackson, RB (2002): Stomatal acclimation over a subambient to elevated CO2 gradient in a C3/C4 grassland. Plant, Cell and Environment. 25: 557-566.

Murty, BVS and Raghavan, VK (2002): The gravity method in groundwater exploration in crystalline rocks: a study in the peninsular granitic region of Hyderabad, India. Hydrogeology Journal. 10: 307-321.

Nagaraju, A and Karimulla, S (2002): Accumulation of elements in plants and soils in and around Nellore mica belt, Andhra Pradesh, India - a biogeochemical study. Env Geol. 41: 852-860.

Nepstad, D (2002): Review of Forest Fires: Behavior and Ecological Effects, ed. E.A. Johnson and K. Miyanishi. Academic Press, 2001. Nature. 415: 476.

Nepstad, D; McGrath, D; Alencar, A; Barros, AC; Carvalho, G; Santilli, M and M. del C. Vera Diaz. (2002): Frontier governance in Amazonia. Science, 295: 629-631.

Praharaj, T; Powell, MA; Hart, BR and Tripathy, S (2002): Leachability of elements from sub-bituminous coal fly ash from India. Environment International. 27(8): 609-615.

Raghunath, R; Tripathi, RM; Mahapatra, S and Sadasivan, S (2002). Selenium levels in biological matrices in adult population of Mumbai, India. The Science of the Total Environment. 285(1-3): 21-27.

Rai, UN; Tripathi, RD; Vajpayee, P; Vidyanath Jha and Ali, MB (2002): Bioaccumulation of toxic metals (Cr, Cd, Pb and Cu) by seeds of Euryale ferox Salisb. (Makhana). Chemosphere. 46(2): 267-272.

Ralph, L and Twiss, MR (2002): Comparative toxicity of Tl(I), Tl(III) and Cd(II) to the unicellular alga Chlorella isolated from Lake Erie. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. 68: 261-268.

Robinson, T; Chandran, B and Nigam, P (2002): Removal of dyes from an artificial textile dye effluent by two agricultural waste residues, corncob and barley husk. Environment International. 28(1-2): 29-33.

Sarita Sinha (2002): Oxidative stress induced by HCH in Hydrilla verticillata (l.f.) Royle: modulation in uptake and toxicity due to Fe. Chemosphere. 46(2): 281-288.

Satsangi1, Gur Sumiran; Lakhani, A; Khare, P; Singh, SP; Kumari, KM and Srivastava, SS (2002): Measurements of major ion concentration in settled coarse particles and aerosols at a semiarid rural site in India. Environment International. 28(1-2): 1-7.

Saxena, DP; Joos, P; Van Grieken, R and Subramanian, V (2002): Sediment rate of the floodplain sediments of the Yamuna river basin (tributary of the river Ganges, India) by using 210Pb and 137Cs techniques. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry. 251(3): 399-408.

Singh, KKK and Chauhan, RKS (2002): Exploration of subsurface strata conditions for a limestone mining area in India with ground-penetrating radar. Env Geol. 41: 966-971.

Subba Rao, N (2002): Geochemistry of groundwater in parts of Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh, India. Env Geol, 41: 552-562.

Subramanian, V (2002): Defining Progress (Book: Rethinking Green Politics by John Barry, Sage Publications, London, 1999, pp. 29). The Book Review. XXVI(5): 27-28.

Subramanian, V and Saxena, DP (2002): Biogeochemical studies on the sediments of the flood plains of the Yamuna river and their significance for the Paleo-environment. In: Land Use-Historical Perspectives (Focus on Indo-Gangetic Plains. Editors: Yash P. Abrol, Satpal Sangwan and Mithilesh K. Tiwari. Published by Allied Publishers Pvt. Ltd. Chapter 20, 519-545.

Suman Gupta and Vijay T. Gajbhiye (2002): Effect of concentration, moisture and soil type on the dissipation of flufenacet from soil. Chemosphere. 47(9): 901-906.

Surinder Singh, Ajay Kumar and Baldev Singh. (2002): Radon level in dwellings and its correlation with uranium and radium content in some areas of Himachal Pradesh, India. Environment International. 28(1-2): 97-101.

Thomas J. Jackson (2002): Remote sensing of soil moisture: implications for groundwater recharge. Hydrogeology Journal. 10: 40-51.

Verma, A; Subramanian, V and Ramesh, R (2002): Methane emissions from a coastal lagoon: Vembanad Lake, West Coast, India. Chemosphere. 47(8): 883-889.

Virender K. Sharma (2002): Potassium ferrate(VI): an environmentally friendly oxidant. Advances in Environmental Research. 6(2): 143-156.


[b] Some Recent Publications in Journals Related to Environmental Law

Alder John (2002): Locality and Identity: Environmental Issues in Law and Society. Journal of Environmental Law. 14(1): 119-121.

Gunningham, N (2002): Regulating Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. Journal of Environmental Law. 14(1): 3-32.

Smith, RL (2002): Evaluating the economics and environmental friendliness of conceptual designs for new and retrofitted chemical processes. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy. 3(4): 383-391.

Sikdar, S, Jain, R (2002): Environmental management is inherently multi-disciplinary. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy. 3(4): 335-335.

Shah, T and Raju, KV (2002): Rethinking rehabilitation: socio-ecology of tanks in Rajasthan, north-west India. Water Policy. 3(6): 521-536.


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