Report on the "National Workshop on Environmental Protection and Law" held at the Claridges Hotel, New Delhi on 9-10th March, 2002

The Workshop on Environmental Protection cosponsored by the ENVIS Centre started with the welcome address by Supreme Court Advocate Mr. S. Kumar the organiser of the workshop with aims and objectives of the workshop.

Honorable chief Justice of the Delhi High Court Justice Sinha gave his inaugural talk on the Indian Environment with reference to HIV-AID scene. He empahsised the need for creating awareness about various issues on AIDS, water quality, pollution and the need to involve the stake holders. He suggested that we should have district level planning committees for this purpose. Honorable Justice Balakrishnan of the Supreme Court focussed on AIDS and problems associated with their social treatment. Honorable Justice Rajendra Babu of the Supreme Court mentioned that we should recognise the co-existence of various types of species in the ecosystem and nature should be disturbed to the minimum. Prof. V. Subramanian, JNU proposed a vote of thanks to all the above honorable Judges as well as Honorable Justice Nanavati, Jutice Kapoor and other learned judges and lawyers and delegates for gracing the occasion.

An invited talk was given by Col. Katju of Development Alternative whereby he gave a detailed account of their activities in the field of environment involving school children in Delhi; he also mentioned about their plans to cover major urban areas in the country to propagate environmental awareness through the services of the school children for effective implementation of various remedial measures. In the afternoon session, Honorable Justice Lacoor gave an interesting historical background about various issues related to air pollution, particularly ozone depletion and global warming. He pointed out, in a lighter vein, that the inventor of lead addition to petrol to improve its efficiency during world war-2 and catalytic converter thereafter to improve the engineering aspects should get a Nobel prize for dis-service to environment if one such award is to exist today!

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