Realising the importance of environmental information an Environmental Information System (ENVIS) is proposed to be set up. The focus of ENVIS, since inception would be on providing environmental information to decision maker, policy planners, scientists and engineers, research workers etc. all over the country. All operational efforts in the working of ENVIS would primarily aim at providing user satisfaction.

Dissemination of information to the users would be the most vital component in the whole system for providing the user satisfaction.

The different steps involved in the operation of ENVIS viz., information storage and retrieval and the information analysis finally terminates in the dissemination process. The success of the system, therefore, greatly depends on the speed and efficiency of dissemination.

The information system proposed would have an information base that includes both descriptive information as well as numerical data. Descriptive information in the form of publications, reports, reprints, abstracts etc. relating to scientific, technical and semi-technical subjects are proposed to be stored for dissemination to users.

Keeping in view the proposed information requirements the objectives of ENVIS could be classified into two broad categories as follows:


Long term objectives


Short-term Objectives