Listed below are some of the recent news items dealing with various aspects of Biogeochemistry and Environmental Law collected from various National newspapers, reports, etc., and the detailed news items are updated on the website on day to day basis and may be browsed at (

Kanha shows the way in forest conservation. The Hindu [2 July, 2001]. By Lalit Shastri

Sale of ‘green’ diesel begins in NCR. The Hindustan Times [1 July, 2001]

STA pollution division decentralised. The Hindu [28 June, 2001]

Environment award for U.S. - AEP chief. The Hindu [21 June, 2001]

Poor response to rainwater harvesting mechanism causes concern. The Hindu [20 June, 2001].

Dust seen as major health hazard. The Hindu. [14 June, 2001]

Water is clean till it reaches Wazirabad. The Times of India [6 June, 2001]. By Rahul Gupta

Good intentions galore on Environment Day. The Hindustan Times [6 June, 2001]

Environment Day sparks debate on Yamuna’s state. The Indian Express [5 June, 2001]

‘Clean Yamuna’ drive gathers momentum. The Hindu [5 June, 2001]

Panel set up to resolve dam dispute. The Hindu, [4 June 2001]

Cabinet clears projects for cleaning up Yamuna. The Times of India [1 June, 2001]

Arsenic runs through this river. The Indian Express [28 May, 2001]. Manoj Prasad

Super-cyclone heads for Gujarat. The Hindustan Times [25 May, 2001]

Cyclone to hit coastal India on Thursday. The Hindustan Times [23 May, 2001]

Chemicals make mangoes forbidden fruits. The Hindustan Times [18 May, 2001]

Fate of Environment Protection Board hanging in balance. The Hindustan Times [17 May, 2001]

Dinosaur fossils unearthed in Meghalaya’s Khasi Hills. The Hindustan Times [17 May, 2001]

Clean Yamuna campaign. The Hindu [12 May, 2001]

Rs. 400 cr. given to States for drought relief. The Hindu [12 May, 2001]

Destroying pollutants with ultrasound. The Hindu [3 May, 2001]

Dust storm blows away the heat. The Hindustan Times [2 May, 2001]

Chinar trees victims of neglect, greed. The Hindustan Times [1 May, 2001]

The last of the tigers. The Times of India [1 May, 2001]. By S Raye

Centre rapped for CNG, Yamuna bungles. The Times of India [30 April, 2001]. Times of India News Service

11 peacocks found dead in Jaipur. The Times of India [30 April, 2001]

Delhi rocked by slight tremors. The Hindustan Times [29 April, 2001]

Quake-hit Gujarat now reels under drought. The Hindustan Times [28 April, 2001]. Thomas Kutty Abraham, Reuters (Babajipura)

LOWCOST PLASTICS Eliminating ‘sharkskin’ The Hindu(Sc.& Tech.), [March 29, 2001]

PFOs / Another class of toxic chemicals: Bioaccumulation causes concern. The Hindu(Sc.& Tech.), [March 29, 2001]

States wavering on plan to clean up rivers. The Pioneer, [March 29, 2001]. Yoga Ranptla

Central, state bodies to share cost of river cleaning project. The Hindustan Times [March 14, 2001]

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